Prisoners refuse to leave prison: ‘no work, no hope…’

The ACAIP union warns that Valencian prisons do not have enough space for inmates who, for fear of not being able to subsist in the streets, are rejecting the ‘third grade’ provisional freedom.  

office workplace incarceration
office workplace incarceration

The situation is so desperate that prisoners also ask their lawyers not to seek bail for them, because in the street they have nothing. Moreover, some inmates waive their freedom rights, since if they stay six months behind bars and if they have dependants, they may be entitled to a small unemployment benefit when they are released.

Inmates ask their lawyers not to seek bail to prolong their stay in prison, police report. Having a job is no longer a requirement for the granting of the ‘third grade,’ although it may help. And those who agree to go out fail to find employment and voluntarily re-jail themselves because “there is no reason to go back out,” explained union sources.

The prisons of the province of Alicante exceed 150% capacity of accommodating prisoners, according to a report on the situation in Acaip Valencian prisons.

A national problem

college dormitory incarceration

The problem of prisoners who did not want to leave for the wider ‘society prison’ exacerbates a situation throughout Spain. The number of prisoners and the length of stay in prison has doubled in two decades to saturate prisons. According to data from Inside, the number of prisoners in Spain has soared over the past 20 years to move from the 33,058 it had in 1990 to 73,929 in 2010, ie more than double.

With a whole raft of draconian control laws now being implemented by the far right regime the prison population is set to explode even further.

Spain has already become the Western European country with the highest percentage of itspopulation in prison, with 159 prisoners per 100,000 population compared with the European average of 96, according to the Ministry of Interior. Only countries like Montenegro, Latvia or Lithuania exceed Spanish rates.

free range incarceration
free range incarceration

The prison overcrowding occurs not only due to the increase in the prison population, but also the lengthening of their sentences.

The hardening of the Criminal Code has made the average stay in prison double in two decades, to move to the current 18 months, triple our neighboring countries and twice the EU average.

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prison tourists check out housing options

preventing cable company fuckery

Cable companies are trying to create an unequal playing field for internet speeds, but they’re doing it so boringly that most news outlets aren’t covering it.

John Oliver explains the controversy and lets viewers know how they can voice their displeasure to the FCC.

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Having covered conflicts in distant lands, we now turn our attention to our own native homeland, the Internet; where the battle for the hypersphere has reached new heights, as netizens take up arms against Telcoms and the FCC, to preserve the fundamental ethos that made the Internet what it is today: Net Neutrality. What is Net Neutrality, and why is it so important to the future of the Internet? Find out by joining Robert Foster as he takes a whimsical trip into the World Wide Web, with its founder Tim Berners-Lee. Let’s just hope no shady mega-corporatist, elite oligarchic malefactors pop up to mess with us on the way…

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a suburban backyard home studio in Melbourne, Australia, on Wurundjeri Land.

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“anarchists against the wall” blockade israeli air base, 21 arrested

Israeli Anarchists detained for trying to block the exit of aircraft

guerraAJN -

A dozen members of the group “Anarchists Against the Wall” were arrested after blocking the entrance to a base of the Israeli Air Force in northern Tel Aviv. Activists tried to prevent the ships comply with a new operation on the area of ​​the Gaza Strip.

At least 21 members of the group “Anarchists Against the Wall” were arrested today after blocking the entrance of a base of the Israeli Air Force in northern Tel Aviv to protest the bombing that the Zionist military have carried out since seven days ago in the Gaza Strip, which has left more than 400 Palestinians dead.

“From thousands of feet up…a pilot pushes a button and can ignore or forget that at the same time, is killing innocent people. We came to remind him, “said Ayala, a member of AAW. Según Haaretz reported, protesters covered their faces with white masks and fake blood, and lay down in the street pretending to be dead. EN-GB

anarchist against the wall, during a previous event.
anarchist against the wall, during a previous event.

this is the original story, from haaretz:

‘Anarchists’ block entrance to IAF base in protest of Gaza strikes

Protestors say they only wanted to show pilots that their actions result in the killing of innocents.

Twenty-one members of the “Anarchists Against the Wall” group were arrested Friday morning after they blocked the entrance to the Sde Dov Israel Air Force base in North Tel Aviv.

The protestors, wearing white masks and covered in fake blood, laid on the street and played dead.

They said they were arrested after they left the road and were on the sidewalk.

Ayala, one of the protestors, said that the protest was meant to “show IAF pilots the results of their actions in Gaza. From thousands of feet in the air, a pilot who aims and presses a button can ignore, forget, or be unable to fathom that at that moment he killed innocent people. We came here to remind them of this.”

Also on Friday, clashes broke out between police and Israeli Arabs rock-throwers protesting the IAF raids in Gaza. In Tiberias on Thursday, some 15 youths burned tires and a Palestinian flag, in support of the operation in Gaza.




France/Spain: Anarchist actions against the prison, capitalist, and patriarchal system


from contrainfo, transl. waronsociety:

-An attack in Hendaia (Basque country in France) on a Loomis truck (security company which gains great economic benefits from their monopoly on the transportation of commissary and cafeteria money in various prisons) and the expropriation of 22,000€.

-Attacks on various bank branches for being responsible for human exploitation.

-The sabotage of security vehicles belonging to the Martutente (Guipuzkoa) prison.

-Attack on the facade of the juvenile prison in Tarragona.

-Electronic attack on different web pages of the UGT, CGT, and CCOO syndicates for affiliation with jailers and for defending repressive bodies.

The objective of all of these actions was to attack whichever focal point of power. The money collected during the expropriation will allow us for once to recover the costs which accompany these actions, we will continue to attack power.

For the fight for animal and human liberation.

Strength and Anarchy.


normalize this, zionist thugs!

Nor·mal·i·za·tion: a “colonization of the mind” whereby the oppressed subject comes to believe that the oppressor’s reality is the only “normal” reality…and that the oppression is a fact of life that must be coped with.

Those who engage in normalization either ignore this oppression, or accept it as the status quo that can be lived with.

In an attempt to whitewash its violations of international law and human rights, Israel attempts to re-brand itself or present itself as “normal” — even “enlightened” — through an intricate array of relations and activities encompassing hi-tech, cultural, legal, LGBT and other realms.

Normalization applies to relationships that convey a misleading or deceptive image of normalcy, symmetry, or parity despite a patently abnormal and asymmetric relationship of colonial oppression and apartheid.

Published on Oct 31, 2012

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Cinematographer: Mike McSweeney
Editor: Matthew C. Levy
Sound: Steve Burgess

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Remi Kanazi: 2 days after Normalize This! is released, a university who had called me “controversial” & “politically polarizing” strips funding from my event. Calling for equal rights in the face of oppression will always be “controversial”, but luckily activists around the world are redoubling their efforts against Israeli apartheid, occupation, & ethnic cleansing!

THANK YOU to all who have watched, liked & shared my debut video! Please keep hitting that “SHARE” button if you enjoy the piece! #NormalizeJustice

Smash Pacifism Zine

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“The liberal is so preoccupied with stopping confrontation that he usually finds himself defending and calling for law and order, the law and order of the oppressor. Confrontation would disrupt the smooth functioning of the society and so the politics of the liberal leads him into a position where he finds himself politically aligned with the oppressor rather than with the oppressed.” Stokely Speaks, 170.

“Today, there are many well intentioned people who think they know the history of Gandhi and King. They assume that nonviolence won the struggle for Indian independence, and that Blacks in the US are equal citizens because of the nonviolent protests of the 1950s.

“Pacifist ideologues promote this version of history because it reinforces their ideology of nonviolence, and therefore their control over social movements, based on the alleged moral, political, and tactical superiority of nonviolence as a form of struggle.

“The state and ruling…

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NAC118. OSUNA (SEVILLA) 08/08/2012.- El parlamentario autonÛmico, lÌder jornalero del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT) y alcalde de Marinaleda, Juan Antonio S·nchez Gordillo, durante la ocupaciÛn hoy, 8 de agosto de 2012, de la finca propiedad del Ministerio de Defensa " Las Turquillas" en la provincia de Sevilla. Gordillo ha dicho que los supermercados de los que se llevaron ayer comida tambiÈn son "responsables" de la crisis econÛmica. EFE/Juan Ferreras

The thriving Spanish town of Marinaleda runs on the principles of mutual aid and direct action

The currency of direct action

As the Spanish economy continues its post-2008 nosedive, unemployment sits at 26 percent nationally, while over half of young people can’t find work. Meanwhile, Marinaleda boasts a modest but steady local employment picture in which most people have at least some work and those that don’t have a strong safety net to fall back on.

But more than its cash economy, Marinaleda has a currency rarely found beyond small-scale activist groups or indigenous communities fighting destructive development projects: the currency of direct action. Rather than rely exclusively on cash to get things done, Marinaleños have put their collective blood, sweat and tears into creating a range of alternative systems in their corner of the world.

When money hasn’t been readily available — probably the only consistent feature since the community set out on this path — Marinaleños have turned to one another to do what needs doing. At times that has meant collectively occupying land owned by the Andalusian aristocracy and putting it to work for the town, at others it has simply meant sharing the burden of litter collection.

While still operating with some degree of central authority, the local council has devolved power into the hands of those it serves. General assemblies are convened on a regular basis so that townspeople can be involved in decisions that affect their lives. The assemblies also create spaces where people can come together to organize what the community needs through collective action.

“The best thing they have here in Marinaleda, and you can’t find this in other places, is the [general] assembly,” says long-term civil servant for the Marinaleda council, Manuel Gutierrez Daneri. He continues: “Assembly is a place for people to discuss problems and to find the solutions,” pointing out that even minor crimes are collectively addressed via the assembly, as the town has no police or judicial system since the last local cop retired.

In his time as mayor, Juan Manuel Sánchez Gordillo has managed to leverage considerable financial support from the state government, a feat which Gutierrez Daneri attributes to the town’s collective track record for direct action. “If you go ahead with all of the people behind you, that is very powerful,” he says.

As a result, the small town boasts extensive sports facilities and a beautifully-maintained botanical garden, as well as a range of more basic necessities. “For a little village like this, with no more than 2,700 people, we have a lot of facilities,” says Gutierrez Daneri.

British ex-pat Chris Burke has lived in Marinaleda for several years, and he explains that access to the public swimming pool only costs €3 for the entire summer. Burke recounts Mayor Sánchez Gordillo saying to him, “The whole idea of the place being somewhere good to live is that anyone can afford to enjoy themselves.” Burke adds pragmatically, “You can’t have a utopia without some loss-making facilities.”


Marinaleda: the village where people come before profit

This article was originally published at Contributoria.

NAC118. OSUNA (SEVILLA) 08/08/2012.- El parlamentario autonÛmico, lÌder jornalero del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT) y alcalde de Marinaleda, Juan Antonio S·nchez Gordillo, durante la ocupaciÛn hoy, 8 de agosto de 2012, de la finca propiedad del Ministerio de Defensa " Las Turquillas" en la provincia de Sevilla. Gordillo ha dicho que los supermercados de los que se llevaron ayer comida tambiÈn son "responsables" de la crisis econÛmica. EFE/Juan Ferreras
NAC118. OSUNA (SEVILLA) 08/08/2012.- El parlamentario autonÛmico, lÌder jornalero del Sindicato Andaluz de Trabajadores (SAT) y alcalde de Marinaleda, Juan Antonio S·nchez Gordillo, durante la ocupaciÛn hoy, 8 de agosto de 2012, de la finca propiedad del Ministerio de Defensa ” Las Turquillas” en la provincia de Sevilla. Gordillo ha dicho que los supermercados de los que se llevaron ayer comida tambiÈn son “responsables” de la crisis econÛmica. EFE/Juan Ferreras

The colonies are collapsing – it's a scorched earth policy, a war of attrition, so the survivors are left with NOTHING!


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