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America’s political police, their irregular forces, and the war on dissent.

I’ve seen way too many discussions of shenanigans by the FBI in the 1960s and ’70s. Whether they intend to or not, the authors of these articles are implying that these tactics are old relics of a by-gone era. Which is certainly not true.

While methods and tactics used in the quashing of dissent may have evolved over time, much of the core principles remain unchanged. The nation’s intelligence and federal law enforcement agencies continue to be the executive office’s primary tool to discourage opposition to its policies through intimidation and legal harassment. From its beginning as the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Investigation until the present, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been directed by Presidents from Woodrow Wilson to Donald Trump to spy on peace activists, anti-war organizations, environmentalists, labor unions, and anyone else who might get in the way of US foreign and domestic policies, and interfere with corporate activity and earnings.

Since before it’s formal inception, the FBI has served as the US government’s political police and have engaged in campaigns of low-intensity, counter-insurgent warfare against dissidents, often with the help of irregular forces – even operatives of foreign governments – and the backing of civilian financiers and their front organizations.

In addition, the FBI maintains a network of informants. Senate investigatory committees have previously found the number of paid informants had gone from roughly 1,500 in 1975, to 2,800 in 1980, to over 6,000 in 1986. A budget request presented in 2008 asked for $12.7 million to fund its informant network.

Today, years into an era of eroded civil and human rights in the name of a “war on terrorism,” it is even easier for the FBI and their allies in localized law enforcement to entrap unwitting citizens in fantasy plots they concoct, and convince juries that they have foiled a terrorist action. Unlike the 1970s, when many people understood that the government and police were not on their side, many people now seem to be incapable of seeing through such entrapment schemes, and it is only judges who challenge their narrative. But only if they choose to. Many judges are, of course, just there to send people to prison, for any or no reason. Especially people who are not white.

The American Protective League

When the US entered World War 1, concerned citizens were afraid the government was not up to the task of ferreting out German spies and sympathizers, hidden everywhere in the civilian population. In order to assist the government, numerous vigilante groups were financed by the likes of Henry Fricke, J.P. Morgan, J. D. Rockefeller, and numerous others who were certain to earn fortunes off the war effort.

Under numerous front organizations like the National Security League, the American Defense Society, and National Civic Federation, they produced fliers and posters promoting “100 percent Americanism.” Their recruits would publicly shame anyone who spoke out against the war – and often beat them – with no interference from the police. They would often confront people in the streets and force them to sign “Loyalty Oaths.”

A group of war profiteers from Chicago foresaw America’s forthcoming involvement in the conflict and started the American Protective League, which quickly absorbed similar groups around the country and grew at such a rate that just months after the US entered the war, they were able to provide 250,000 people to the BoI and US Department of War’s intelligence forces.

Their operatives opened people’s mail and illegally entered their homes to search for submissive literature and contraband. Many carried badges identifying themselves as “Secret Agents.”

In order to enforce compliance with draft registration laws, they would round up every male of age in entire neighborhoods and cities, then require them to provide proof of registration before releasing them. Often, family or friends would have to retrieve the documents, and men were held for days until such proof arrived.

In just one such roundup, 150,000 men were questioned in Chicago. They were taken from factories, public transit stations, public parks, saloons, baseball games, stores, and dragged out of vehicles. 20,000 were detained, pending proof of compliance. 1,400 were subsequently conscripted and released, while an unknown number went missing. Perhaps a few thousand. Over 10,000 German-Americans were detained during the war, as suspected traitors.

According to one APL spokesperson, Edward Hough, “It was fear that held our enemy population down. Fear and nothing else. It was the league’s silent and mysterious errand to pile up good reason for that fear” (emphasis from original quote).

Although their stated purpose was to enforce conscription laws and discover German sympathizers and spies, much of the APL’s activities centered around anarchists and syndicalists. The Espionage Act of April, 1917 criminalized “treason, insurrection, or forcible resistance to any law of the U.S., or the obstruction of recruiting or enlistment.”

The federal statutes carried penalties of up to $10,000 and 20 years in prison. By 1921, 35 states had passed “Criminal Anarchy” laws, defined as “the doctrine that organized government be overthrown by force or violence, or by assassination, or by unlawful means.”

Over 25,000 agents of the APL kept files on anarchists and their activities, much of it obtained by opening mail and breaking into organizer’s, agitators, publisher’s and activist’s homes. To further intimidate dissidents, they would maintain obvious, heavy-handed surveillance on their targets, and interrogate anyone who approached or spoke with the targeted individual. They would visit their targets at their workplaces, which could lead to people losing their jobs.

Stop me if you’ve heard this before…

Our Nation is undergoing an era of disruption and violence caused to a large extent by various individuals generally connected with the New Left. Some of these activists urge revolution in America and call for the defeat of the United States in Vietnam. They continually and falsely allege police brutality and do not hesitate to utilize unlawful acts to further their so-called causes. The New Left has on many occasions viciously and scurrilously attacked the Director and the Bureau in an attempt to hamper our investigation of it and to drive us off the college campuses. With this in mind, it is our recommendation that a new Counterintelligence Program be designed to neutralize the New Left and the Key Activists. Subject: Counterintelligence Program Internal Security Disruption of the New Left.” FBI memo, May 9, 1968.

The US government was at war with Black nationalists, human rights groups, and churches in the 1960s. Just the suppression of the Black Panther Party resulted in over 2,500 deaths and more than 12,000 prison sentences. Some of these Panthers are still in prison.

In just three years – 1973-76 – the FBI and its allied henchmen were involved in the deaths of at least 70 Native American activists, and violent attacks against another 300 in the Pine Ridge and Rosebud communities.

In 1979, a “Death to the Klan” rally by the Communist Worker’s Party in Greensboro, NC, was attacked by Klansmen and members of the American Nazi Party. The attackers had been encouraged by FBI and Greensboro police infiltrators. They brought guns to the CWP event, fired on the attendees, killed 5 protesters, injured another 10, and a bystander.


I won’t go into detail about the role of “secret agents” and the FBI from the ’30s through the 70s. That ground has been well-covered over the years. I hope the above examples are enough to convince you of what the government is capable of doing, when it has a mandate from the Executive Office. Instead of retelling of these familiar shenanigans, I want to jump ahead to the 1980s, under the administration of Ronald Reagan.

I have seen countless people hurt, jailed, even killed. What you’re up against when you take on the FBI, the CIA, the undercover informants who feed the governmental apparatus, is a self-selected group of people who have a messianic vision of themselves.” Chip Berlet, a political researcher who was involved in cases involving the FBI and the Chicago police in the 1980s.

Reagan was an old, hard-line anti-communist and shitty actor. As President and leader of the “Free” world, this Cold Warrior saw the Communist Menace lurking everywhere. When he intensified counter-insurgency efforts around the world, while cutting domestic spending and federal regulations at home, intense opposition arose in the population. This was, of course, all the proof the senile president – in the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease – needed that Communists were hiding around every corner, spewing anti-American sentiment to a gullible public.

As it had in the earlier parts of the century, the FBI carried out a campaign of intimidation, harassment, and disruption against anyone in opposition to any policy put forth by the Reagan administration.

Reagan’s resolve to crush any who opposed him was displayed when he fired over 11,000 members of the Air Traffic Controllers Union, who were on strike for shorter hours and better working conditions. The demented President gave the strikers until sundown to get out of town…excuse me…gave them 2 days to return to work, and when they refused, he fired them en masse. This was just his first action against dissidents. He later unleashed the FBI to go after his political opponents, even going so far as to investigate elected officials who traveled abroad – including those who visited NATO allied countries.

Just as it had during the WW1 era, the FBI visited the homes and workplaces of anti-war, peace and justice, anti-apartheid, and solidarity activists to confront them with accusations of treason and subversion. Their employers were informed of their political activities. Their friends, lovers, relatives, and neighbors were questioned, and sometimes recruited to report on the activists actions.

This heightened state of repression was intensified after a bomb went off in the US capitol building on November 7, 1983. Although the FBI knew who did the bombing, and why, it used the attack as justification of expanded activity, especially in co-ordinating with the CIA, State Department, and Department of Defense. Which, basically meant the US government was at war with its own citizens.

Again, civic organizations like the World Anti-Communist League, and various factions of the Ku Klux Klan and other White Supremacist groups were given material support and encouragement to intimidate, harass, and physically assault dissidents. Foreign agents of countries experiencing insurgencies at home where given free reign to spy on American activists, and attack people from their homelands who had come to the US to seek refuge. Hundreds of refugees from Central America were deported, and many of them ended up disappeared, dead, or imprisoned. Terrorist attacks against Cubans friendly to Castro’s Cuba were tolerated.

Conservative church leaders were recruited to deliver sermons against “ungodly” communism, media pundits were recruited to write anti-communist columns. William Casey, Reagan’s first director of the CIA, is famously quoted as having said “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

During Reagan’s reign, there was very little mention in the mass media about dissent against his policies, and when there was the occasional story, it was usually highly slanted to present the dissenters as deluded, if not outright agents of communist governments. This tight control over the media lasted throughout the Reagan/Bush era.

The media willingly repeated highly exaggerated claims by the Bush regime in order to justify a war in Kuwait. There was immediate opposition by the general population, which quickly grew into the largest anti-war movement in US history. The movement self-destructed through in-fighting, backstabbing, and gossip. Having experienced first-hand the shenanigans the FBI used while involved with Committee In Solidarity With the People of El Salvador in Dallas, Texas, in the 1980s, I can say with confidence that I saw similar tactics used to split the anti-Gulf War coalition in Austin, just a few years later. “Respectable” activists accused more militant protesters of being provocateurs. I was “outed” by some such activists because I chose to use a pseudonym in public. Two self-anointed leaders of the coalition revealed my and a comrade’s names, while others accused another comrade, who had been beaten and jailed for anti-apartheid protests a few years earlier, of being an undercover cop.

Throughout the Reagan/Bush era, people who tried to talk about their harassment were often ridiculed and called paranoid. They lost friends, and often times relatives would distance themselves from activists, which left the activists isolated and vulnerable. They lost jobs, their careers were ruined. Professional journalists were blackballed by the media and could only have their investigative work published in the dissident press, which meant little or no pay. Many activists and journalists became addicted to drugs or alcohol. Many committed suicide, often in shady circumstances.

During the Clinton years, it was possible for the government to mass murder people without much public outcry, as he demonstrated with his siege and extermination of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas.

Again and again, no matter who was in office, the FBI kept up a campaign of harassment against dissenters. Yet, they seldom went after White Supremacist groups, who have carried out many of the most lethal terrorist attacks in the US.

This is likely because the irregular forces they regularly employ to target activists are often from fascist or racist organizations. After WW1, when much of the APL was absorbed into the newly-formed FBI, many of those left over joined the KKK.

All of this is relevant because these methods are all still used in the 21st century.

i cannot recommend this highly enough. mandatory reading to know how the FBI acts as political police.

Inventing Terrorism, Ignoring the Terrorists

Combating property destruction by animal rights activists and environmentalists was identified by former FBI Director Robert Mueller in 2006 as one of the agency’s highest priorities. Despite the fact that not one person has been killed due to any of these activities.

But, since 9/12/01, more than 70 percent of the lethal attacks by terrorists in the US have been carried out by white supremacists or neo-nazi groups and individuals who hold sympathetic views. President Trump has gone so far as to direct the government to focus all of its counter-terrorist activities in America on Islamic extremists.

Under the Obama administrations, almost 100 percent of all so-called terrorist incidents were instigated by the FBI or other, local police agencies. This is particularly true of his administration’s record of entrapping Muslims in terrorist schemes.

The script in these cases follows a similar pattern. The FBI picks a target for recruitment into a terror plot. They use an informant or an undercover agent to contact the person, then begin the process of “radicalizing” the target into joining in on a plot to bomb something. Every person the targeted individual meets along the way – the instigator of the plot, the people providing explosives, even instructions on how to create and detonate the devices – are all FBI, police, or their lackeys. They will even come across with cash. Whatever it takes.

But, of course, when the appointed time for carrying out the action comes: “SURPRISE! You’re busted!”

Then, there are press conferences, where the FBI is praised to the heavens for stopping this horrible thing from happening. But, no matter how many times people – particularly defense attorneys – point out that the person involved was duped by the FBI to do something the targeted individuals were at times very unenthusiastic about, the media sensationalism steamrolls the truth of the matter, and the “terrorist” is sent off to prison.

“The problem with the cases we’re talking about is that defendants would not have done anything if not kicked in the ass by government agents,” says Martin Stolar, a lawyer who represented a man caught in a 2004 sting involving New York’s Herald Square subway station. “They’re creating crimes to solve crimes so they can claim a victory in the war on terror.”

The Informants Trevor Aaronson, September/October 2011Mother Jones

Entrapping Anarchists

Likewise, the government has been entrapping Anarchists involved in anti-war protests into “terror” plots. When it comes to snaring US citizens with their traps, the FBI uses undercover agents to insinuate themselves into a local scene, gain the locals’ trust, then start the plot a-rolling.

During G.W. Bush’s reign, an undercover agent seduced a forest defense activist into a long-term relationship, then encouraged and enabled him to form an underground cell to carry out bombings. She provided transportation, money, explosives, and isolated cabins in the mountains to build bombs. The cell considered her their leader. The cell was arrested, even though they never carried out any actions.

According to an FBI document entitled “Anarchist Extremist Overview,” Anarchists are “criminals seeking an ideology to justify their activities.” The document goes on to wail and moan about how Anarchists are devising new and more extreme weapons to pursue their criminal activity. Of course, they don’t mention that it is actually their own agents who are providing the materials and knowledge to make these weapons.

In a police raid on a Chicago house, 11 people were arrested. 2 of them were undercover FBI agents, who had shown up during Occupy Chicago and became part of the scene. After who’s-who got sorted out, it became known that law enforcement was working with a military and intelligence contractor with ties to the National Security Agency – Booz Hamilton (whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s former employer).

“Mo”and “Nadia,” undercover cops.

The fact that the government is outsourcing its repression of dissent is a harrowing turn of events. Though it does keep within the established practice of the FBI utilizing irregular forces, issues of accountability, oversight, mismanagement, and overly-zealous extremists are much more of a concern when secretive agencies – both public and private – are involved. In today’s current atmosphere of fake news, ass-kissing media, and lazy, celebrity-driven infotainment, if an actual terror attack were to happen, the truth about who was behind it might never be known, and intentionally covered-up in the interest of national security.

The legal harassment of Anarchists and Animal Liberation activists will force their comrades and supporters – who often eke out a subsistent life, near the bottom of the economy – to spend themselves into extreme poverty in order to defend themselves and their comrades in court. Having dozens, if not hundreds of comrades incarcerated can overwhelm an informal, voluntary collection of punks and activists, emotionally as well as financially.

It wasn’t only bullets and bludgeons that destroyed the Industrial Workers of the World. The Feds also tapped out their membership’s finances by forcing them to defend themselves in courts across the country. This left them blacklisted by employers and scarcely able to fend for themselves after the One Big Union was crushed, adrift and pauperized, just before the Great Depression.

And just to let us know what to expect in this new era of reality TVesque horrors, a church in Alabama has been authorized to form its own police forces.

This is in addition to the forces collected together by several regional Joint Task Forces of Terrorism, specially-created entities that co-ordinate municipal, county, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to carry out joint actions. Many, if not most, of the Bush II’s operations described above were projects of such JTFTs. And these law enforcement agencies – especially at the federal level – are also hiring mercenary forces to help out, and have demonstrated their willingness to utilize irregular forces to do their “dirty work” when they really want to stir things up.

Fighting Back

To look back at the well-documented era of COINTELPRO as something from a long-ago time is to ignore the challenges we all face if we choose to fight against the Corporate States of America, with it’s new-found confidence in White Supremacy, vast military, mercenary, and police forces, and a weird, religious fervor to excuse everything it wants to force on an unwilling world. America has never stopped its low-intensity war against dissent, and it won’t. It can’t – those currently in power know very well that their continued rule relies on silencing those who speak out against their inhuman agenda.

US foreign policy has revived slavery in Africa, and many Americans truly believe that the ones responsible for this are wonderful, almost god-like people. Do you think they will so much as notice when dissenters are rounded up into detention centers? Or gunned down in the streets by the police? There was scarcely a word of protest against the APL during WW1, when the world was much more aware of class conflict. They appeared as if out of nowhere, in large numbers, and terrorized the public into silent compliance nationwide.

So far, American radicals have refused to learn from the contemporary revolutionaries around the world, who are actively creating the communities they want to see. In many instances, they are reviving older, indigenous cultures, and adapting them to accommodate current tech and social developments. This is the way to revolutionary change, and many of us trapped in the West have yet to undertake this task. Perhaps we consider ourselves too mired in capitalist muck to think we can escape from it.

We face difficult circumstances, and it’s about time we faced up to the facts. Protesting will not create the world we carry in our hearts and minds. Not matter how much we riot.

Certainly, circumstances vary from place to place, with different challenges to overcome, and we face an enemy who seems unstoppable. To many people before us, the divine authority of god-emperors was too terrifying to stand against. To many people before us, the authority and weapons of the king were not to be challenged. Those worlds do not exist anymore, and the only reason this one continues is because we continue to devote our energy to its perpetuation.

Sources and suggested reading:

Anarchist Modernism: Art, Politics, and the First American Avant-Garde  also  (pdf)

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From Chiapas to Rojava – more than just coincidences

America’s Secret Police

Informant Tracking

The Informants

COUNTERING VIOLENT EXTREMISM (pdf, from US Government Accountability Office)

against the gulf war, against privileged campus activists – from 1991

i’m not 100 percent sure, but i believe this is just about the first time i used the pseudonym “rob los ricos.”

this is a letter to the editor of a magazine published at UT in the 90s, the polemicist. they had run an article denouncing the anarchists involved in the austin campaign for peace in the middle east, in the days leading up to the war in the persian gulf.

we had greatly offended them by refusing to submit to the leadership of the New Left-over campus marxists. we organized a direct action wherein we shut down traffic so hard in downtown austin, it backed up traffic on I-35 from waco to san antonio, and made national and international news. pretty strong showing, if you ask me.

but, it was NOT sanctioned by the leadership of the acpme, who instead focused their time and energy denouncing and attempting to discredit us. what this did in the short term was a stifling of dissent on campus, because NO ONE wanted to go through what we did – particularly the outing of working people who had attempted to use pseudonyms as a means of keeping their employers from knowing about their political activities. by people who very obviously had no concerns about such retaliation.

oh, there is so much more to be told about that time – maybe one day some of my student allies from those days will share their memories…

(the students involved went under the name youth against militarism, thus the derogatory label “yammies.”)

Yo Polemicist!

As two of the “confused Yammies” referred to in Kathy and Purnima’s biography of the ACPME, we feel a need to respond to some of what was written, both about the Campaign and Youth Against Militarism/Anti-Militarist Action (YAM/AMA).

The authors seem to believe that a secret power elite did not form in the Campaign until sometime in January. This is not a realistic portrayal of the events which led to the formalization of the “shadow government” by the Campaign’s self-defined leaders, hereafter referred to as the Oberfuhrers-O-Peace, or “Oopsies,” and their followers. The Oopsies made their presence known from the very beginning of the Campaign and had divided the group into friend-or-foe camps within the first month of the Campaign’s existence.

The article briefly mentioned the scantily attended press conference the Campaign held at the Austin American-Statesman, but does not mention the anti-war rally held earlier that month at the Federal Building. It was from the Oopsies’ handling of this event that a debate began in the Campaign about the decision-making process, and not at the Town Meeting, which was held almost two months later.

Rob missed the first planning meeting for the October 20th rally, however, at the second meeting learned that in the time between the first and second meetings, the time and location of the rally had been changed. The original plan was to hold the rally at a highly visible location, Camp Mabry, a military base right here in Austin, sitting right alongside a well-traveled highway.

Instead, the invisible hand of the Oopsies had moved the rally to a side road in the heart of downtown, at noon on a weekend, where the chance of reaching people – and letting them see that there were people actively opposed to this war-thing that Bush wanted – was very slender. The redirection of the group’s planning into the largely ineffective, hidden rally was so discreet and complete, one “confused” member of the Campaign later stated that the FBI could not have done a better job of sabotaging it. This was only a sample of what was to come.

After both the Fed Building rally and press conference were seen by the Campaign as ineffective, the Campaign began to examine its decision making process to rectify problem areas, so that future actions would be more successful. In fact, for the remainder of the year, much of the time in Campaign meetings was devoted to stifling debate regarding the establishment of new processes. Not that any of the discussions mattered anyway, as is evident by the Oopsies absolute control over the definition and establishment of the new campaign order.

In the “pre-deadline” days, as the US was still escalating troop movements to the Middle East and propaganda drives at home, YAM decided to organize direct action in opposition to the impending war, separate from the Campaign hierarchy and control. At a planning meeting for a December action, one Campaign member came and told us that she had been asked by some Oopsies to attend the meeting and report her “findings” back to them. This was not an official Campaign “outreach” to other arms of the “movement,” since a number of “Yammies” were actively involved in the Campaign. Rather those Oopsies had sent this woman to infiltrate the meeting, collecting information for solely their benefit.

After the war had started in earnest, when Bush ordered the bombing of Kuwait and Iraq, some Oopsies used the media to denounce YAM and other resisters’ actions as “hostile” and “discouraging” in the promotion of the Campaign as the “real” movement against the war.

The Oopsies’ repertoire of control tactics included the discrediting of groups autonomous of their and the Campaign’s “leadership” as undercover agents and informers in collusion with the government. These reckless allegations, having no evidentiary factual basis, served as a means of alienating many members of the Campaign from each other, the Campaign, and the movement itself. Ultimately, these infiltration rumours led to the establishment by the Oopsies of an exclusionary rule in the Campaign’s official policy guidelines whereby the 12 members of the Steering Committee had the absolute authority to kick people out of the Campaign.

This leads back to how the Oopsies officially structured the Campaign as a rigid, centrally-controlled organization. The Steering Committee had been given the task of submitting proposals (in the plural) for structural change that would accommodate the growing number of members in the decision making process.

Instead of submitting these proposals for discussion, the Oopsies entered the next meeting with a newly established centrally-controlled process, effective immediately, no discussion. Few people were pleased with this and the membership requested more proposals and scheduled another discussion, only to be dismissed yet again due the difficulties the Oopsies had in presenting more than one option to the membership, despite the fact that two other proposals had indeed been submitted.

The Oopsies proposed that their structure be “temporarily” adopted since the Campaign was suspending meetings for the upcoming winter student vacation anyway. Alas, the large scale debate over various processes never occurred. When the Campaign started up again amid the flurry of the beginning of the war, the Oopsies’ structure and process were already well established tradition: Oopsies “facilitate” all discussion and the elite, limited member steering committee had exclusive decision making power in the “facilitation” of meeting campaign goals.

Kathy and Purnima’s article attempts to separate this “facilitation” from the more negative connotations of “power” through the formal acknowledgement of the decision makers of the Campaign so that members would have greater understanding of exactly who is responsible for the decisions made. The major problem with this proposal is the very “accountability” that it attempts to address. while those few people in positions of power to direct the Campaign would be singled out as answerable to the general body, the general membership itself was completely disempowered of access to the decision-making process, thus elevating the Oopsies to positions of absolute authority.

Probably best illustrating this is a quote from the article itself: “(The Yammies and others) confused dialogue with “decision-making.” These members never saw the actual decision process that developed outside of the impossible and cumbersome meetings, and eventually superseded them.” In other words, any discussion arising outside of the officially authorized, or at that time “tacitly permitted,” oligarchy-o-process-n-position is useless and as such, repudiated as an avenue of affecting campaign strategy.

The self-imposed impotence expected of Campaign members in the unquestioning acceptance of Oopsie “leadership” is similar to the vegetative state of the populace necessary for acceptance of George Bush’s unilateral decision to engage in a war in the Middle East. Those people opposed to the status quo and its war, and determined enough to resist despite this lifelong conditioning of abnegation, only encountered the same warped “you ignorant masses must be led by we educated and competent leaders” ideology of oppression in the “peace and justice” community. We, the community of resistance, don’t need to replace the old shit with new shit, even if it’s mollified by “oops. We had too much unrestricted control.”

The quest for control, of either the world or the resistance movement, is always too restrictive.

Rob Los Ricos
Sylvia Guisto

Bose and Mitchell respond: We just wish to note that this letter was actually written by J**** S***** and Robert Thaxton. Despite years of imprisonment as a Slavic revolutionary, when Bakunin lashed Marx for authoritarianism, he had the courage to do so under his own name. The use of a pseudonym for personal security, in our context, reflects no more than an inflated sense of self-importance.

PS – i just want to point out that i was not a student at this time, and was cautioned by my employers to keep out of the media, whereas the other participants in this saga were either grad students or faculty. talk about hiding behind privilege! btw – i thought of the people named above (kathy and purnima) as allies, even on the friendly side, before their attacks against anarchists in the anti-war movement. which is why we only used their first names, to remind them that we are friendlies.

also, bakunin was a russian aristocrat, whereas i’m just this guy, you know?

i slightly edited the above letter, mostly just adding punctuation. if you insist on seeing the original, here it is:


May 1991; pages 16-17, 19; Volume 2, No. 6

crush fascism forever – now is the time!


as heated street battles rage between anarchists and fascists across europe, we must remind ourselves that the inevitable social chaos which follows economic collapse WILL be exploited by the ruling powers to increase their authority over us. this is where they are headed, whether we like it or not, and the banksters will use the fascists – as they always have – to wage a war of attrition against the unruly, starving masses, striving to maintain their lives and dignity in the ruins of an economy which was purposely burnt to the ground by unindicted financial terrorists in government administrator’s clothing.


unsurprisingly, seeing as how many cops and other populist authoritarians are fascists already. once they’ve served their purpose, the fascists will be exterminated, too, in order to make the new technocratic institutions of power appear to be humanity’s saviors.

in depression-era germany and italy, fascists rose to power through street mobs. much the same as they are attempting in greece, via the golden dawn party. peronistas in argentina did likewise, but have been supplanted by technocratic authoritarians.

now more than ever, it is easier to discern everyone’s enemy, in every land – the banksters, their toadying politicians, ginormous corporations, evil scientists,  murderous enforcers, child-molesting cult leaders…the shit never ends.

until we decide to end it.



“I find you guilty of continuing to be involved in the anarchist movement”

strange what you can find on the internet…this is from 2003, when i was incarcerated in the oregon state penetentiary…from autonomedia interactivist exchange

This year started on an interesting note. On January 2nd, Oregon Department of Corrections Security Threat Group manager (Benny Ward) came by to visit. He threatened to send me into exile in Eastern Oregon — far from my daughter in Portland — if I didn’t move out of the cell I shared with Brian McCarvill.

Brian is currently suing ODOC over their mailroom policies, which have resulted in the rejection of anarchist literature sent to him. This has been something that has bothered me the past 3 years — I have over 200 mail violations notices concerning letters and publications sent to me here in prison. Their favorite reasons for such “violations” are because the publications are “anarchist-related” or because of “STG symbol” — in this case, a circled “a,” a symbol used internationally for “anarchy”. I support Brian’s lawsuit. Plus, he is a valued and trusted friend. We chose not to split up. Brian actually said he could get more legal work done in the hole because he’d have more free time.

On January 7th, we received write-ups about “unauthorized activity” and “disobedience of an order.” This had to do with a card writing campaign I’d initiated a month earlier. I’d asked people to send postcards to us with a circled “a” symbol on them, along with the caption “This is not a gang symbol.” (Apparently, we received something like 650 such cards.)

Two days after receiving the write-up, we were called to a disciplinary hearing. After discussing the issue with me, the hearings officer told me, “I find you guilty of continuing to be involved in the anarchist movement”.

Pretty illuminating, as this was not what I was charged with. But it does actually sum up ODOC’s attitude towards me. It has not been easy, but I have attempted to stay involved with events on the outside of these walls. I’ve been incarcerated since the international Reclaim the Streets day of solidarity to oppose the G-8 summit in Cologne, Germany, June 18th 1999. I’ve missed out on the Battle of Seattle, the anti-IMF/WB protests, the protests against both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions and GW Bush’s bloodless coup.

The summary of my hearing contained a few lies and half-truths, designed to make me appear to be a threat to the safety and the security of ODOC facilities, if not the world at large.

The hearings officer noted that I threatened to use my 30 years of organizing skills to “cause trouble” for ODOC. What I actually said was that I’d assured Benny Ward as well as the STG managers here at OSP that I would not use my extensive organizing skills to create trouble for them (i just wanted to do my time and get out intact). And I asked if it would be too much to expect that I be allowed to have my mail? Apparently it is. (was: Brian won the lawsuit – he does that a lot – and they started allowing a lot more stuff in.)

The most alarming aspect of this, though, is the fact that ODOC has come to the conclusion that I am a member of the Earth Liberation Front. This despite the fact that I’ve never been arrested for an action by the ELF, nor have I ever been questioned about any actions by the ELF. Indeed, there is no evidence or rumor of evidence that can connect me to the ELF in any way whatsoever.

The ELF is a clandestine group whose sole purpose is to carry out acts of sabotage against corporations and research facilities that the ELF considers responsible for despoiling the earth.

As such, it has been listed as a terrorist organization, and is one of the targeted focal points for several Joint Task Force(s) on Terrorism in cities and states across the US.

I am a writer and an activist. It has been a deliberate decision on my part not to undertake acts of sabotage, since I lack the skill and knowledge to do so effectively and safely. So far, no one has been hurt or killed by an ELF action.

Despite losing my job in the prison infirmary, being sent to the hole for 120 days and being labeled a “terrorist,” I will continue to write for anarchist and “alternative” publications. I am an enemy of the New World Order. We, the people, shall overthrow the rule of corporate power.

Sì Se Puede!


ps – may, 2012; i miss my comrade Brian – feel free to write letters of support to him. envelopes must contain a full name and return address: 

Brian McCarvill #11037967
Snake River Correctional Institution
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, Oregon 97914-8335

to add a little more retrospective background to this story:

i was getting threats from other prisoners because of the over-the-top censorship from the mail room. it reached the point that they were rejecting any publication with a visible circle-a on it. mind you, this was during the short-lived “riot tourist” era in the early 21st century. there were photos of people carrying banners and waving flags with @s on them in newspapers, magazines, etc. a lot of them, even in local dailies and other mainstream publications. and they were not being allowed inside. so, as you can imagine, there were complaints and finger-pointing, with much of the blame being directed at me.

Brian and i had agreed that this was an issue worth fighting over. for one thing, Brian is a very capable, self-taught litigator. he regularly kicks the State Attorney’s best lawyers’ asses in court cases. Brian encourages other prisoners to litigate, and usually works as a clerk and legal aid in the legal library – when such positions are allowed.

to get back to the story, we were 100 percent certain we would win this – it has been litigated and decided before, but neither the ODOC nor apparently the State Attorney’s office have very high competency  standards, and really think they can just do whatever. the US supreme court sorta kinda agrees, but also have firmly ruled that your constitutional rights do not end at the gate when someone is sent to prison.

the court decision came after we had been locked up in the DSU (the hole) for almost four months. we won. we knew we would, and we had been telling people that it was in the courts, be patient. i won’t say we came out to hero’s welcomes, but many of the prisoners who knew what was what came up and shook our hands, usually with many on-lookers (this is called “showing” respect. almost means the same as “if you got a problem with this guy, you got a problem with me.”) i also made it a point of asking people who had flicked me shit about their mail if it had gotten better. got a few apologies, got a few thanks, and also got a few requests concerning legal issues. if there wasn’t an easy, obvious answer for their questions, i’d refer them to the legal floor to request an advisor who had access to the legal library. i had a little skill – kept reference material in my cell. (best place to start: Prisoners’ Self Help Litigation Manual)

Brian got shipped out to another facility shortly afterwards. there’s more to this story, but i’m not sure people would believe me if i wrote about it. i suppose it could be verified through ODOC records, but i’m not into it. tell ya what, though – buy me a pint or two and i’ll tell you all about it. cheers!

99 percent of what?

i have no feelings of solidarity with:

law enforcement employees



                                                  soldiers who do not question orders

book worshiping zombies

child molesters

other politicians





anyone who craves wealth

scientists who create new lifeforms

scientists who genetically modify life to suit the interest of petrochemical industries

people who destroy life for a living






white supremacists


free marketeers

white separatists

 people i feel a great deal of solidarity with:


traveler kids





people of the land

people born dark, and unashamed of that

rebel lovers


sacred clowns



bank robbers




mad-scientist geeks



primitive skills sharers

urban foragers



the homefree

workers who organize to rid their lives forever of banks, economics and all forms of coercion, power, and paper bondage

Coming Soon: Report to the Gaian Underground

i don’t know what to make of this…sometimes things just come my way, and i think “wtf?!?”…this appears to be the transcript of a talk someone made right around 2001…it reads like serious discourse…whatever…i like it…rlr

The Alien conquest of Earth is nearing completion. Places once thought to be too remote or densely forested for Alien assimilation have been successfully invaded and the free Humans there are in danger of being coerced into either integrating with the Aliens’ plundering of their homelands, or are being relocated (or exterminated). As the depletion of Gaia’s fossil memories nears termination, the value placed on them by the Aliens increases, which helps them escalate their attack upon the Wild Earth, as they can pay greater bounties to their minions.

There is no need to examine the methods utilized by the Aliens to achieve their conquest – Earth history is still not being suppressed, just ignored. However, it is necessary to understand how thoroughly they have ingrained their system of control into our fellow captives’ lives.

Until the last quarter century, it was still possible to enter into discussions of human-based concerns with the Alien’s slavemasters. This is no longer possible, as Alien control of media – even so-called “alternative” or “radical” media – are so completely under the influence of Alien ideas that even Human concerns are only addressed in Alien contexts. The world over, the Alien “economic” system has supplanted the Gaia-centric ones, which provided lives of abundance for all living beings the past millions of years. These nature-based systems are breaking down and the ability of Gaia to sustain life for complex organisms – without the utilization of Alien technology – is beginning to look doubtful.

The Aliens’ slaves don’t seem to grasp the seriousness of this situation, mostly due to Alien control of their consciousness through media and slave indoctrination systems – overt, subtle or coercive.

There are signs that resistance efforts are beginning to attract the attention of dissidents among the slave population, though there is still a lot of education required before they come to grips with the enormity of Alien control over their existence. The overwhelming majority of the dissidents still concern themselves with integration into the Alien slave system and control of Alien systems, rather than with the overthrow of these systems and re-integration into Gaian systems.

Many slaves are too immersed in their slave activities to either envision a wild, free existence or – more sadly still – even be aware of how they perpetuate and enforce Alien control over the Earth. Nevertheless, even with the almost absolute control over Human activity the Aliens exert, there is a growing feeling of uneasiness among the Slave population as Gaian systems breakdown or become noticeably erratic.

As a result, there have been at least the beginning stirrings of a militant opposition to the Aliens’ slavemasters.

Over the past decade, there have been numerous demonstrations against slavemaster organizations – the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the World Economic Forum, the list could go on – no matter where they choose to congregate and confer. Perhaps “demonstration” is too humble a description of these opposition gatherings – “assault” is a more accurate term. The avowed goal of the assailants is to disrupt the slavemasters conferences and prevent them from conducting their business. In this regard, they have achieved little success, with the exceptions of the WTO conference in Seattle, USA or 11/30/99 and WB/IMF summit in Prague, Czechoslovakia. As slavemaster of the 18th century remarked – plenty of slaves can be paid to kill the unruly slaves. So, not only has there been a massive use of paramilitary and police forces against the rebellious slaves, there has also been division among the dissidents, many of whom are frightened of angering their masters and losing whatever privileges they’ve been granted.

Still, there are a number of reasons to be encouraged by this astonishing development, though its significance should not be overstated. While it is exciting to see fits of rebellion among the slaves, so far it has not moved beyond symbolic acts of protest. Not only that, but the participants don’t seem to understand how to move beyond symbolic protest, or even what it is about their actions that makes them important.

I want to briefly mention what it is that I believe is most encouraging about this rebelliousness and what could help it grow into an actual – rather than symbolic- opposition movement, before concluding my remarks about this phenomena with a few words about its shortcomings.

First of all, there are two important aspects to these International Days of Solidarity that are of historic significance. The global scope of actions in opposition to slavemaster institutions on 9/26/00 and 6/18/99 was nothing less than spectacular. The slogan “Think globally, act locally” took on a new, more vibrant characteristic on those dates, particularly on 6/18/99, when various Alien systems’ Headquarters were directly targeted and their operations disrupted for the day.

This happened in dozens of countries around the world – stock exchanges, international banks, offices of the WB/IMF, WTO, even entire cities – were overrun with people out to celebrate their love of life and opposition to the effects of Alien activity, which constrains or otherwise destroys life and the potentials inherent in life.

The other aspects of the IDS I find significant is the fact that slaves in the most advanced areas of Alien development seem to be willing to abandon their privileged status in order to challenge Alien activity. Notably, the sudden arrival of the slaves in the USA into the fray – after years of such actions elsewhere – on 11/30/99 sent a wave of excitement throughout the world. Finally, the global resistance had achieved an undeniable presence, due to the high level of privileges allowed slaves there in the past.

In the year after the Seattle uprising, there have been attempts to recreate that symbolic victory by assailing meetings by other Alien and slavemaster institutions. This is certainly a welcomed starting point toward challenging the Alien’s hold on our planet, however, getting beyond the starting point either hasn’t occurred to the participants or they are not yet capable of doing so, either in thought or deed.

Which brings up the topic of the shortcomings of the nascent global resistance.

There is no doubt the IDS events like those of 6/18, 11/30 and 9/26 are inspiring more people to challenge Alien authority and to question Alien activity in regards to their effects upon Earth. Unfortunately, even those taking to the streets for these IDS actions are still influenced by media coverage – or more precisely, the lack of media coverage – of these worldwide manifestations of discontent.

What I mean is that too much emphasis is being placed on specific, transitory targets – i.e. conferences – while the dozens upon dozens of solidarity actions around the world receive little attention outside their immediate vicinity. This is as true for the alleged “alternative” and non-commercial media as it is for the Alien-controlled media. No one wants to mention how widespread the opposition actually is. We can expect the Alien media to silence their opposition, but the self-imposed muffling of dissident voices is rather odd.

This can in part be explained due to the fact that this newly-emergent opposition is widespread. So much so that no group or ideology can claim to represent it, not clamorous Trotskyites, Maoist robots, liberal cowards, socialist traitors, nor slave organizations.

Rather than embrace or learn from the more militant factions arising during the IDS, the various slave factions instead find reasons to attack one another as well as the rowdier participants of the IDS for not meeting some or another measurement of ideological purity. This displays – yet again – the important role the loyal slave organizations play in the divide-and-conquer strategy of the Aliens. The discounting of localized actions during IDS shortchanges the movement in its potential for growth or more expansive tactics while placing unnecessary emphasis on participating in the disruption of the targeted conference. Strategically, this is a purely symbolic action to begin with. These organizations have offices worldwide which implement long-term Alien programs everyday. To really have an effect upon Alien activity, the IDS activists should emphasize the disruption of continuous, localized activities of the targeted organizations.

The focus upon traveling to targeted cities has led to the emergence of a jet-set elite of privileged slaves who are desperately trying to control the rebellious spirit of the dissident slaves. Also, it’s clearly evident that many of the same tactics utilized by the Aliens and their lackeys during the last episode of global unrest (1968-’71) are being used again.

As we know from previous experience, during this formative stage of dissident activity, the slavemasters will allow a certain amount of public unrest. This gives them and their Alien overlords a chance to take note of who is participating in the street fighting and place them under closer surveillance. The apparent toleration of public dissent also gives the slavemasters an excuse to resort to harsher methods of control later – done for the sake of protecting the public order.

A word of caution – there is a history of loyal slaves pretending to be rebellious. Though some of these people actually are employed by slavemaster organizations, others are merely interested in becoming upper-echelon slavemasters themselves and will aid the various police organizations in identifying truly rebellious slaves. Dissident slaves who publicly proclaim sympathy or solidarity with the Aliens’ hired thugs should be avoided. So far, this hasn’t been much of a concern, as there is little in the way of concrete challenges to the authority of the slavemasters occurring within the IDS movement.

One has to wonder when the tens -if not hundreds- of thousands of unruly slaves will decide to take actual, effective measures to halt Alien activity. Or whether or not they are even able to do so, either conceptually or in action.

Meanwhile, the more militant rebels are being jailed at an alarming rate. Though this has not yet resulted in a serious depletion in the ranks of IDS participants, the escalation of arrests of and jail sentences for militant dissidents may cost the movement in the long term. Not only in lost comrades, but also in the number of slaves willing to face the consequences of rebellion. Not to mention the cost of legal defense and support for the captives.

In contrast to the futility of IDS events is the much more effective worldwide resistance to Alien plans for modifying life on Earth through genetic engineering. Though some of these actions have been carried out as public acts of destructive solidarity, many more have been done clandestinely. No doubt, there are many more genetic experiments being conducted – in secret and on a small scale – than we are aware of. However, even the slaves conducting the Alien experiments acknowledge that acts of sabotage against test crops has, in some instances, set back their research by as much as a decade.

If the IDS campaigners were to adopt the tactics of the anti-genetix activists, Alien control over the Earth would be in serious jeopardy. To further point out the relative pointlessness of the IDS events, the example of the Earth Liberation Front should be examined and I’ll give a brief account of their activities and organization.

To start off, let’s see how the ELF describes itself, this being a quote from “Resistance: Journal of the North American ELF Press Office.”

“The ELF is an underground, direct action organization that commits acts of economic sabotage against those who profit from the destruction of the natural environment…

“The ELF has no central authority, no public meetings and no mailing list…

“Due to this loose structure, actions could potentially be carried out against anyone who profits from the destruction of the natural environment…

“If we are to actually succeed in preserving all…which keeps us alive…We need to organize and partake in direct actions which defend ourselves from the murderous greed that is destroying our environment and ultimately killing us all.”

Also, from a separate article:

“The ELF does not commit merely symbolic acts to simply gain attention to any particular issues…

“The earth, and all of us born of it, are under attack…

“The only problems I can find with actions like these are that they are not happening frequently enough, and at severe enough levels…That the oppressive system itself isn’t brought to its knees by the people taking direct action and fighting back…”

The author also speculates that this is becoming at least a possibility in the near future and asks, “What other choice do we have?”

Since ’97, while the IDS movement was beginning to grow, the publishers of “Resistance…” have been notified of more than 20 actions which have resulted in over $34 million worth of damage to Gaia’s plunderers. This is quite a remarkable achievement, to be sure, and the emergence of ELF is encouraging.

We all know, however, that not only are the Aliens continuing their life-destroying activities in the regions they control, they are currently moving into new, previously untouched areas such as the mountains of New Guinea and the cloud forests of Columbia. Though the native people there are desperately struggling to halt the Alien intrusion into their homelands, they are receiving little attention and even less support from the dissident slaves in lands under Alien control.

In the war over Columbia, the slavemasters there are using chemical weapons to poison entire regions – the water, the soil, the plants and animals, even free Humans. The poison is being supplied be slavemasters in the U.S.A.

As of yet, there have been no ELF-type resistance to this campaign, or even IDS-type actions, either. Indeed, one must wonder if IDS participants would – even begrudgingly – actually help in the efforts to poison the mountainous forests of Columbia and hunt the free Humans there if their masters commanded them to do so.

With IDS emphasis on recurrent spectacular public events, I am left to speculate about the motivation and level of commitment of IDS activists. Since targets for IDS-type actions are plentiful, most slaves can work one into their master’s schedules and thus not inconvenience their masters and incur their wrath.

After the IDS, many of the participants then return to doing the Aliens’ bidding. As of now, there are only a few slaves willing to shed their chains and risk being labeled as runaway slaves, renegades. And who can blame them? A defiant slave can be held in captivity for years – either encaged in a slave correctional facility or required to regularly report directly to a slavemaster in order to confirm the slave’s continued servitude and even pay a monthly ransom to prevent the slave from being put into a cage.

Once encaged, a slave faces dire circumstances. Not only will the slave be separated from his/her comrades, but also potentially forgotten. Unfortunately for the encaged slave, the more militant – and thus more supportive – comrades at large might be both too busy carrying out more acts of defiance against the slavemasters, or too underground to maintain contact.

The more sheepish among the rest of the slave population will likely be either upset with the encaged slave for “rocking the boat,” or too afraid of unwanted attention from the slavemasters. This leaves the encaged slave with little contact or support from uncaged slaves.

So far, the fear of being caged hasn’t stifled enthusiasm for the IDS movement, much to the credit of the slaves involved.

To conclude, I think it is still too early to commence with actions to openly re-align ourselves, and our enslaved fellow Humans, with Gaia and take her from Alien control. The day to do so may come sooner than we could expect, though, if ELF and anti-genetix types of mass revolt were to arise on a global scale and truly set back efforts by the Aliens for absolute domination of the Earth.

Thanks for your attention, now go back to your efforts on behalf of Gaia.

Our time will come. Soon.

The Lies of Progress

Progress is a lie used to justify the domination of the world by Europeans and their post-colonial bastard offspring. Global warming, chemical warfare, women and children sold into slavery: it’s all the price of progress. Genocide isn’t a concern of Progress, Progress is only concerned with economics.

Let’s imagine a people living peacefully along the shores of a lake, as their ancestors have done for centuries. Families share garden plots and homes. People hunt and fish. The people are, as a whole, are healthy. No one goes hungry, and their culture of dancing, festivals, folk medicine and sharing encourages everyone to integrate into the community.

This is unacceptable. These people are not generating profits for corporations or banks, nor paying taxes to a government. These people and their land need to be developed. Let’s have a look at these people after a couple of generations of progress.

First of all, disease killed off a great many of them when they first encountered Haoles (Hawaiian for “death breathers”). With liquor and firearms, the developers corrupted a few of the people to help seize lands once held in common by the community. The majority of the people refused to go along with this plan, so the military was brought in to subjugate them.

With military occupation achieved, Progress picked up steam.

A dam was built upstream from the lake, to provide electricity for future development. Water is also diverted from the lake for use by the town that has grown around the military base. A paper and lumber mill once employed some of the people, but when the forest was gone, the mills closed.

The lake is full of mercury and dioxin– by-products of industrial processes. People still eat the fish, which gives them cancer. The land is all owned by former military leaders, who raise cattle on it. Jobs are hard to come by and most people work servicing the military: doing laundry, cooking food, prostituting themselves. The soldiers, in return give the people unwanted children, venereal diseases, liquor and drugs.

This is Progress on a micro level, and this Progress has been repeated over and over again-in the Americas, Africa, Asia, even in Europe. On a larger scale, the lie of Progress is even easier to see. Look at Argentina. Once, it had an economy built around beef production. After the Great Depression, Argentinians were determined to progress into a first world nation, like Canada or Australia. It took them 50 years, but they made it.

Sadly for them, this wasn’t acceptable to global corporate and financial interests. You see, first world nations require a great deal of the world’s natural resources to maintain their affluent lifestyles. There just isn’t enough to share! No, there is only enough for a few first world countries. I don’t know—how bout eight?! So the IMF and World Bank stepped into Argentina and destroyed its economy. Just 10 years ago, Argentina was a prosperous country. Now its economy is all but imaginary, the currency unstable, unemployment is greater than 50 percent and the economy is centered around debt servicing, just like any other third world country. And it’s happening again, in Greece and Romania.

This is Progress: the disempowerment of local people in order to increase the power of global corporations and financial institutions.