reality wars

the most significant struggle happening on earth right now is not so much a struggle over political power as it is a struggle over the human race’s perception of reality.

the old-line powers, represented by over-reaching authoritative systems (religions, multinational corporations, governments, international  bankster cartels, etc.) are dependant upon a view of reality that is as flawed as the ancient propositions like the flat earth, or the earth as the center of the universe.


brief introduction to a new way of looking at the universe we inhabit – or an ancient way that is becoming pre-eminent today.

fifth_sunlost in all the hoopla surrounding the changes predicted around the winter solstice of 2012 was the actual event.

the sun went into a prolonged period of calm. and measurable, observable changes occurred on every planet in our solar system. our sun has changed and likely will continue to evolve for a while, before it settles into its new incarnation. this is very likely what the mesoamerican tales of the end of one sun’s era meant – that the end of the “counting of days” (calendar) of the fifth sun would give way to the emergence of the sixth one.

meanwhile, the psychopaths in power scramble desperately to retain their hold on power.

where is all this headed? previous posts have pointed out the world being manifested by the u.s. style of fascism:

Our Changing Climate and the Variable Sun

Suspicious0bservers – Welcome

youtube user SuspiciousObservers does a great job of correlating observable space phenomena and how it impacts the earth. earthquake prediction and extreme weather watches posted daily. never lets us forget that we are living in the space age – and always have, here on spaceship earth.

RELATED: Suspicious Observers Daily News – daily spaceweather report, with lots of interactive features assembled from across the interwebs.

The Next Ice Age – An Introduction to a Possible Shift Soon


the C(Lie)mate Series

We’ve shown that the Earth is not changing nearly as much as the Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, and that the current shift encompasses the entire Solar System, starting at our star.

We’ve shown that real changes at Earth are electromagnetic, but statistics given in previous episodes must be updated…watch ‘C(Lie)mate #4 (HD),‘ which is currently available on S0s Site.

Our Magnetic Poles are indeed moving faster and faster and our shield is indeed weakening, but it’s not the 10% NASA reported in 2003; it is now 15%. The exact genesis of that update escapes our diligence, but it’s now widely reported and undisputed; Earth’s protective shield from space energy is 15% weaker than it was in the 1800s.

Today we’re going to stick with Earth’s electromagnetic changes, except we’re coming down a step, no longer discussing the magnetic field but our electric layers. We’re going to the top of the atmosphere for ‘Climate #4,’ to see some underreported shifts on our planet. The top of Earth’s atmosphere is collapsing, this was not only expected, but confirmed by NASA; but with the caveat that they cannot explain why the upper atmosphere is collapsing so much.
there will be more SCIENCE-based entries in the future, under the heading REALITY WARS. topics to be covered will include cybernetics, archeology, and awareness – which many people refer to as “consciousness.”
until the scientific/academic communities absorb the electric universe model of reality, i’ll give as much heed to citizen scientists as i do dissident scientists. and i apologize for sometimes jumping to conclusions without thoroughly grasping a topic. i get excited about new information.

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