We aren’t in a crisis of policing – we’re in the middle of a war.

“If I Die in Police Custody, Burn Everything Down!”

The militant movements of the last several years have been failures because they have only sought to generate reforms from the present system, even if they didn’t make demands. We went into the streets knowing something was wrong, but in the back of our minds we hoped those in power would listen to us and make changes.

Those in the Left groups with their newspapers claimed we lacked a vanguard party to guide us. The unions claimed we lacked representation in the workplace. The churches and mosques said we lacked moral superiority in the face of state violence. The non-profits whined we had a poor outreach strategy.

The riots, blockades, occupations, and shut-downs failed because they didn’t go far enough.

Revolutions that go half-way, dig their own grave.

“If I die in police custody, don’t let my parents talk to…Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, or any of the motherfuckers who would destroy my name.”

Being a revolutionary in the present terrain means knowing that things aren’t going to get better; that currently there are no reforms that the system can grant that will get us out of the current crisis. Those in power will continue to offer only more repression, surveillance, incarceration, and policing to quell in rebellion, while also attempting to placate to popular anger by attempting to offer cosmetic changes or “expand the dialog.”

But what would a revolutionary strategy look like? What has already taken place in the streets that can show us a way forward? In the past several years, across the world, from Oakland to Egypt, we’ve seen the proliferation of various tactics and strategies – all responding to a historical moment of crisis that defines our era.

But these tactics by themselves are just that, tactics. Blockading a freeway against white supremacy might be the start of a longer revolutionary struggle or a way to gather our forces, but simply going onto a freeway and hoping that something will materialize (or worse yet, someone will listen,) is delusional thinking. If we want to build a revolutionary force capable of destroying this system of domination, white supremacy, and exploitation, then we have to think about tactics in terms of a strategy.

Thinking about a strategy means paying attention to the situation we are in both locally where we live, but also nationally and internationally. We have to think about how the Left and those that try and control social struggles will react and try and hinder our efforts. We have to think about how the state will try and repress us for attacking the social order.

But above all, we have to think about how our actions can grow, expand, become more powerful, and ultimately link up with others across the social terrain.

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and is part of a larger critique from it’s going down

“If I Die in Police Custody, Burn Everything Down!”

We aren’t in a crisis of policing – we’re in the middle of a war.

assembly movement creates space for autonomy in greece

The assembly movement owes a great deal to what took place in Argentina. Although there is no direct connection, the influence is real. During the first general strikes, we were inspired by the Argentinian experience, and later also by the Tunisian and Egyptian events. Another important influence was the self-reduction movements in Italy during the seventies: groups organized to not pay rents, electric bills or transport fares. In our assembly, particularly, many people were inspired by the Zapatista struggle in Mexico and its quest for autonomy. We participate in solidarity actions with these struggles in our neighborhood.

One factor that all these different sources of inspiration have in common, which is present in the assemblies, is the will to organize horizontally, without political parties: although there are party militants in the assemblies, they only participate in the assemblies as individuals, without labels. The political foundations of the assemblies are autonomy and the will to create structures outside capitalism, based on sharing and solidarity. In our assembly, there are basic positions that have been arrived at after long discussions. We are always seeking a consensus in order to find a way to move forward together.

In Greece, there is much less belief in institutions, in the idea of the social contract and representation, than in France. It is fertile ground both for anti-authoritarian ideas as well as for hyper-authoritarian ideas. Here, it is much easier than it is in France to associate on common bases with people from diverse political backgrounds. On the other hand, however, the danger of becoming a closed group also exists: finding a way to keep the assemblies open to recent arrivals is a never-ending task.

After the revolt of 2008-2009 we were continuously trying to keep abreast of what was happening. What the neighborhood assemblies have once again contributed, as a possibility, was precisely not to restrict our demands to things that were taken away from us and instead to move towards the world we want to create. But the obstacles are numerous and the repression suffered by the political militants, the rise of Golden Dawn, the explosion of unemployment and the constant violence against immigrants prevent us from devoting ourselves to a program as if nothing else was happening.


One of the weak points of the movement is the fact that the moments of resurgence have never obtained any concrete results. The general assembly of the neighborhood assemblies was one of those moments. In November 2011 all the existing assemblies convened in one assembly: forty in Athens, with four hundred representatives and a good dynamic. But it quickly ran out of steam. It obtained no concrete victories and this was a source of discouragement, creating a feeling of defeat that is very acute at the present time. This feeling is also in part caused by the fact that the neighborhood assemblies do not appear to be viable solutions for the organization of everyday life.

The will to create structures based on self-organization and autonomy poses numerous questions: how can they be built while simultaneously going beyond the logic of charity and philanthropy? How can we create our own autonomy in an environment in which everything has been stolen, where we cannot produce anything for ourselves, especially in the urban setting? What do we have to do to get people to really participate? When we organize collective kitchens or barter markets, we have to constantly explain that they are not ordinary distribution services.

I do not think there is a really convincing answer to these problems, we have to be patient. The way I see it, in the very large assemblies people are inclined to delegate tasks to others and to accept the representation of a small group, whereas when there are more personal relations and more contacts, there is correspondingly greater equality in participation. It is a question of relations. There are not many people who think that we can live without anyone’s help, without a basis of consensus and dialogue, and that we can reclaim our lives on an individual basis.

I get the impression, however, that, as the State and the economic system decline and fall, more “grey zones” will arise and other modes of organization and relations will become possible. The role of the assemblies will be crucial in this. Not only do we have to keep the home fires burning, but we also have to make the fire last longer. New structures appear in Greece with each passing month. From this perspective, the movement is on the right path.

to read about the nitty-gritty of organizing autonomous communitites, see the rest of this post, from Robert Graham’s Anarchism Weblog

The Assembly Movement in Greece

Translated in December 2014 from the Spanish translation published in the Spanish journal, Argelaga, No. 5, Fall 2014 (Available online at: https://argelaga.wordpress.com/2014/10/22/en-grecia-el-estado-se-hunde-los-barrios-se-organizan/).

Originally published in French under the title, “L’etat s’effondre, les quartiers s’organisent”. Retour sur le mouvement des assemblées de quartier. La revue Z, No. 7, 2013. Dossier Grèce: Thessalonique dans la dépression européenne. Bricolages quotidiens et résistances insolvables.


Terrorism is not a barbarian praxis, rather a highly civilized one.

From Non Fides

Everybody plays on their heartstrings, every party, every organization, of every possible and imaginable tendency, libertarian included, spews out the predigested discourse of the “barbarians” which assail our “peaceful coexistence”

But what is a barbarian?

Let’s consider the term for a moment. From the greek bárbaros (“stranger”), the ancient Greeks used the word for those populations that were not a part of their civilization, as defined by the Hellenistic language and religion. The barbarian is thus the other, those that don’t eat the same soup, or simply those that don’t eat at the same table. Montaigne said “Each man calls barbarism whatever is not his own custom.” As we’ve already said elsewhere, we know not barbarians, only individuals who survive in the midst of this morbid civilization. We know of no outside, we know outsiders, yes, but they could not be any more inside than they already are.

no-borders-no-banksThe “barbarians” of today are far from being outside of civilization, even though advocates of this assertion may feel reassured in thinking so. Just like the famous “Affair of the Gang of Barbarians” back in 2006, they are a pure product of civilization. They know its codes, use its tools, and are not so far apart from those that pillory them hypocritically. Because it essentially makes little difference whether the killers wear a green or black uniform, whether they shout “long live democracy” or “Allahu akbar”, whether they carry tricolor or jihadist flags, whether they’re sanctioned by public opinion or not, whether their massacres are legal or illegal, whether they massacre us to bring us enlightenment or obscurity. Committing their macabre atrocities, they all condescend to the same level, from the moment they deny the individual the ability to realize itself how it wishes.

Terrorism is not a barbarian praxis, rather a highly civilized one. Was not democracy born from the Reign of Terror? For this reason, terror must be fought just as the civilization which begot it and needs it, from the “septembriseurs” of 1792 to the exterminating prison penalties or Daesh of today. Who are these pigs with ties who send off their armies to attack the populations of central Africa, Afghanistan or elsewhere, who give us lessons of pacifism when twelve people are murdered in Paris? They are exactly the same ones that appear on television at the moment to shed some cheap tears in order to win (or not to lose) a few miserable percentage points in their equally miserable opinion polls.

noBordersToday, we are no more Charlie than we were yesterday, and death doesn’t transform our opponents or enemies of yesterday into our friends of today. We abandon our relationship to the world of hyenas and vultures. It is not our custom to cry on the graves of the (so-called vaguely alternative or libretarian) journalists or cops, for we’ve long since recognized the media and the police as the two essential weapons of this civilizing terrorism: by manufacturing consent on the one hand, and by repression and imprisonment on the other. That is why we refuse to cry wolf with other wolves, or even with sheep.

Those predators who exhort us to cry in unison with them today, to declare “Je suis Charlie”, are the same predators in suits responsible for the emergence of terrible groups and movements such as al-Quaeda or Daesh, former allies of western democracies against the previous perils before they took a central place on the podium of the geo-strategic perils of today. In their courts, their police stations, their prisons, these same scumbags kill, incarcerate, mutilate and sequestrate all those that don’t follow the path imposed upon them with truncheon blows and education. The same civilized beings that let people croak every day at their borders for trying to escape the misery and wars that they themselves and their enemies of the day- Salafistas or consorts- created.

We have absolutely no desire to let these same exact scumbags civilize and eradicate us any further, still less to stand shoulder to shoulder with them. Because it is against them that we want to stand shoulder to shoulder, against all those that regard us under different religious, political, communitarian, interclassist, civilizing and nationalist pretexts as pawns to be placed for sacrifice on an absurd and squalid chessboard.

Afghanistan-US-marines-guarding-poppies-3why is it that civilizations are so obssessed with poppy cultivation? this NY Times article can only be read as satire: Afghan Opium Cultivation and Production Seen Rising

It is appropriate, today as well as yesterday, to remember the words of Rudolf Rocker, when he says that “national states are only churches political organizations; the alleged national consciousness was not born in man but instilled in him. It is a religious concept, one is a German, a Frenchman, an Italian, just as one is a Catholic, a Protestant, or a Jew.”

However, the point is not to diminish the danger these fools of Allah represent, those lovers of self-submission and moral masochism. And although we are completely overwhelmed by their ability to recruit anywhere, to blast here and there into kingdom come, we will have to ask ourselves questions relating to these matters in order to get out of that incomprehension. In this case, we certainly shouldn’t acquiesce to every siren that only wants to divide us further, that would like to stigmatize an entire population because of an infinitesimally small fraction of Muslims, only in order to achieve the supposed ‘clash of civilizations’ they so fervently dream of, which in fact is a civil war whose consequences for all of us are not entirely known to them.

And what should we say about that member of the cleaning staff, who was riddled with bullets, executed in cold blood, without having asked for anything? Who concerns themselves with him? He probably had no twitter account, no entry ticket to the modern spectacle, no name, no face, no pal that can go on tv and bawl for him. He was not Charlie. He was only a collateral damage of a god crazy few shooting amok. He is exactly like so many right now, exactly like the millions of collateral victims of states all over the world. Our thoughts go out to him tonight.

Something is certain, there’s no choice to be made between the plague and cholera, between any god with his slaughtered, crucifying, or massacring prophet and any shit state with its murderous cops and soldiers. We still refuse the demand to choose between different forms of slavery and subjugation. The choice we will make will come only from ourselves, that is the choice of freedom.

In this hopeless age, as opposed to the alleged “national unity”, civil war, the jihads of the fanatics and the “clean wars” of the states, we must put the social war at the fore again, until the stage burns.

translated from the german- Übersetzt aus dem Französischen von Kommunisierung.net

french – i’m not charlie, and FUCK YOU!

during the gulf war of bush I, entire generations of iraqi families were wiped out in one of the greatest mass slaughters in human history - i raq's highway of death. who are the barbarian savages?
during the gulf war of bush I, entire generations of iraqi families were wiped out in one of the greatest mass slaughters in human history – iraq’s highway of death. who are the barbarian savages?

The message remains the same, as it has been throughout history: “Obey or suffer.”

Individual disobedience or even mere failure to “produce” in spite of the individual’s best efforts will result in stigmatization, marginalization, a degrading dependency on the state and, as state support for the economically disengaged is cut back and removed, starvation, homelessness and imprisonment; even the fact of homelessness is defined as a criminal offense by more local jurisdictions with each passing year.

The fact is that life is cheap; the idealistic visions of humanitarians are swept aside by those advocates of “austerity” and “tough choices,” whose calculations in service of usury on a global scale will determine the level of human suffering in each nation up to and including death by starvation, disease, and the inevitable outcome of manufactured scarcity, war.

The blurry and dim imagery of the concretes of suffering fades from vision in the glare of the deadly abstractions; political ideologies, religions, money that does not exist anywhere other than in the record keeping of the money lenders remains in clear focus. The conclusion returns stark, glaring and obvious: human life is a commodity, the value of which is consistently decreasing. The devaluation of an individual human life to a unit of production and consumption, which therefore can be discarded if determined to have no economic value, is all that is required for the machinery of mass exterminations and genocide to be set in motion.

An Israeli soldier prevents Palestinians from passing Beit Iba checkpoint, during a demonstration against Israeli checkpoints near the West Bank city of Nablus, 14 February 2007. (MaanImages/Rami Swidan)
An Israeli soldier prevents Palestinians from passing Beit Iba checkpoint, during a demonstration against Israeli checkpoints near the West Bank city of Nablus, 14 February 2007. (MaanImages/Rami Swidan)

Arguing about wages, prices, social systems and ways of arranging economies, even in cases where “progress” is made, will be useless. The dominance of the fundamentalist-materialist cults, as well as the authoritarian religions that create legitimacy for them in the eyes of the masses (and even Stalin, the ultimate fundamentalist-materialist, allowed for the return of religion as an adjunct of the state when he realized its value) will continue to crush and compress human life, until the perverted and inverted values themselves are overthrown, shattered, burned and buried.

When will the biocentric (life centered) ethos replace the thanatocentric (death centered) ethos as the dominant culture’s value system? I cannot answer even the “if” of this question, let alone the question itself. The fact that the power to collect interest on nonexistent money and the lifestyles that such usury on a global scale supports is presented, and apparently accepted, as an immutable law of nature rather than as an imposition of culture’s order on the true nature of humanity seems by way of this very acceptance to be a “natural law.” Images of vultures waiting for starving children to crawl to their deaths and mothers weeping over infants at the bottoms of pits do not move the master manipulators of numbers. If anything, only the fact that the die-offs are not more extensive is cause for lamentation.

Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, Source AP
Zaatari Syrian refugee camp in Jordan, Source AP

Do we care anymore? I’m not speaking of our little “jobs” and “futures,” and relative degree of comfort/discomfort in oppression that seems to be everyone’s primary concern. I’m demanding of myself, of you and above all of those who have declared themselves to be “leaders;” what is it that matters to you? Do you feel anything at all? Can we set aside all calculations save for those needed to ease human suffering? The primary demand of all protests, occupations, strikes, boycotts and further actions of increasing effect and extremity will be “Life First!”

The life of one human being hanging on the edge of death, in suffering, is too high a price to pay, for all the glorious achievements of the fundamentalist-materialist cults, their leaders and their adherents. The cult of power, authority, war, and property as a weapon of coercion has, for all its trillions of dollars and stockpiled weapons of mass destruction, a single and fatal vulnerability; to function it depends on obedience. For obedience to be guaranteed, the “obey or suffer” directive must be enforceable. This directive is only enforceable if the doctrine of fundamentalist-materialism enjoys continued acceptance as a “fact of life,” rather than the monstrous fraud that it is.

*The term “docile bodies” is a chapter title in Michel Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the Prison” 1977, Random House, NY, NY.

read more, from OpEdNews.com

People as Livestock: The Cult of Fundamentalist Materialism and the Cheapening Life


fascism is undead in the haunted spanish state

Across Spain, volunteer teams of archeologists, anthropologists and forensic scientists head out every year on expeditions to dig for suspected mass graves — a legacy of Spain’s fascist past.

Frequently watching them are the elderly sons and daughters who have long suspected they know locations of their loved ones who died many decades ago. Some were killed during the 1936-1939 civil war but many, primarily from the left, were summarily executed after the victory of the forces loyal to General Francisco Franco.

In this photo taken on July 26, 2014, volunteer archaeologists, anthropologists and forensic scientists from the Aranzadi Sciences Society and Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory of Burgos work in what it was a hidden mass grave in El Estepar, Spain. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)
In this photo taken on July 26, 2014, volunteer archaeologists, anthropologists and forensic scientists from the Aranzadi Sciences Society and Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory of Burgos work in what it was a hidden mass grave in El Estepar, Spain. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

So in villages like Estepar, less than three hour’s drive north from Madrid, the elderly descendants of the dead watch as the volunteers dig and carefully place the remains they find, together with clothing and personal objects, into plastic tubs so they can be identified.

Spain’s government in 2007 passed a Historic Memory Law condemning atrocities committed during Franco’s regime, which lasted until 1975. However, it has never come up with funding to embark on the searches or pay for DNA testing.

Most exhumations have been financed through local and international donations or crowd-funding.

More than 200 graves have been exhumed since 2000 and about 5,700 bodies have been found, according to Spain’s nonprofit Association for the Recovery of Historical Memory.

The government has never provided an estimate of how many died during Franco’s regime, but former Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon has estimated that 114,000 could have ended up in the mass graves.

His much publicized investigation into Franco era crimes was halted when the magistrate was barred from the bench in 2012 for overstepping his jurisdiction in a separate case.

see many more photos from this excellent photo essay by AP,

Spain Finding the Dead

In this photo taken on July 26, 2014, skeletons are unearthed on what was a hidden mass grave during an excavation by the Aranzadi Sciences Society searching for the remains of those killed by their political ideology during and after the Spanish civil war in El Estepar, Spain. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)
In this photo taken on July 26, 2014, skeletons are unearthed on what was a hidden mass grave during an excavation by the Aranzadi Sciences Society searching for the remains of those killed by their political ideology during and after the Spanish civil war in El Estepar, Spain. (AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza)

US at war against americans: the LAPD and counter-insugency in the US

while i was awaiting trail in 1999, i wrote a series of articles for portland’s StreetRoots newspaper, describing fascism in the 20th century. in the concluding piece, i noted that the US did NOT resemble a fascist state, it was a fully-functioning fascist nation. and this was during the clinton administration. i stand by my analysis, and wish i could find copies of the series. thankfully, there’s this:

The LAPD: Not Your Model Police Department

In a recent interview with CNN, President Bill Clinton shared his thoughts on the current incarnation of a movement he himself deftly undermined during his own Presidency by both bolstering police nationwide and accelerating the expansion of the carceral complex while championing obfuscating slogans like “community policing.” As reported by Andrew Romano, who investigated the topic of the Los Angeles model at some length – yet who still dutifully perpetuated its core tenets of faith – Clinton remarked:

“We used to have a terrible problem in Los Angeles,” he said. “And almost no one in the world has noticed that while the Ferguson controversy was going on, a civilian in Los Angeles was killed in a confrontation with the police. But because of the dramatic improvements in community relations and the sense of the people in the community that their lives had dignity, the process unfolded there as it should, and there were no mass demonstrations.”

“That’s what we’ve got to do everywhere in America,” Clinton concluded.

Overlooking the fact that, contrary to Clinton’s claims, there were “mass demonstrations” in LA in the immediate wake of Ezell Ford’s murder – what does Clinton mean when he says, “the process unfolded there as it should”? It’s true – the streets of Los Angeles are relatively quiet today. But why is that? To understand the LAPD model – and the central role public relations play in it – a closer examination of their ongoing response to the murder of Ezell Ford may be helpful.

i keep expecting to see this IRL!
i keep expecting to see this IRL!

First, as we have shown, there were immediate protests – including by Ford’s own mother, Tritobia, who was summarily brutalized herself by the LAPD. When those protests failed to get answers, from the names of the officers involved to the as-yet-still unreleased autopsy report, some protesters took a different tract. Some made a music video in an effort to pierce the media veil that had enshrouded the Ford murder.

The LAPD’s response was swift and decisive. Through police union President Tyler Izen and his powerful media partners, the LAPD publicly criminalized Ceebo The Rapper. Presaging Pointergate, Izen falsely identified Ceebo as a known gang member. As Bethania Palma Markus revealed in her Truthout article in September, besides exposing Ceebo to potential gang retaliations, the tactic seemed meant “to distract people from the fact that the LAPD had… refused to release information on Ford…”

While the outrage over treatment of Ceebo simmered, journalist Jasmyne Cannick leaked the names of the two “Shootin’ Newton” Division officers involved in Ford’s murder. It’s important to note the distinction; the officers’ names weren’t “released” by the LAPD – they were leaked to a journalist and the LAPD then confirmed the leaked names. The “process” didn’t unfold “as it should.” It was rended open by unrelenting, community pressure.

However, undeterred by the dangerous LAPD smear campaign, Ceebo and other community members continued their indefatigable protests. They marched. They confronted the police at community meetings. They even continued making music videos to articulate their concerns and amplify their search for justice, which had struggled to generate media interest against the spectacle in Ferguson. And then, tiring of their continued efforts, the LAPD showed its real fangs.

The carrots, as they always had, would continue to go to self-selected leaders like Earl Hutchinson, who played by the LAPD’s stage-managed script. Book deals and whirlwind media tours went to Connie Rice. But grassroots organizers like Ceebo would instead get the stick.

Ezell Ford was shot and killed by LAPD on 65st. and Broadway and friends and family are protesting with a rap song and March on the Police Station Ceebo The Rapper did this song as a freedom of speech for his cuzzen LiL E.

It’s important to note that Los Angeles has a very long history of law enforcement orchestrated frame-ups and even outright political executions, including – perhaps most significantly – of grassroots black (and also brown) organizers. From the killings of Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter and John Huggins to the notorious frame-up of Geronimo ji Jaga, the carrot continues to go to the liberals who play ball with white power while the stick comes down hard on community organizers who don’t. As recently as 2012, community organizers Alex Sanchez and Carlos Montes faced stifling, clearly political persecution in LA. Ceebo, now serving 17 years in prison for allegedly stealing an X-Box in a case that was highly dubious but generated little media attention, has seemingly joined a long line of radical organizers who bore the brunt of the LAPD’s stick. Clearly, without him, the movement here has suffered greatly.

If, as President Clinton asserted, decapitation strikes like the political persecution of Ceebo and ongoing, mafioso-style LAPD harassment of Ezell Ford’s family are “what we’ve got to do everywhere in America,” then things are definitely going to get a lot uglier around the country before they get any better. If the “LAPD as model” narrative continues without a proper challenge, then it certainly appears our likely fate; incoming Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, for one, has already said, “That’s what I want for Oakland.” And Bill Bratton, who Romano said “deserves much of the credit” for LA’s “change,” still has his own sights set on teaching “the world’s police.”

Of course, the struggle for justice for Ezell Ford continues, even if it has been dampened to a murmur by the LAPD’s masterful deployment of both carrots and sticks, not to mention their domineering control of the local (and even national) media. The question remains: when the autopsy report is finally released, will Los Angeles’ cries be heard by the world through the overwhelming din of a highly-effective, police copaganda apparatus? Will the liberals keep taking their carrots while real community activists get picked off? Did you know 323 people were illegally arrested in LA after the non-indictment of Darren Wilson? Did you know a young black activist, arrested in Hollywood before Christmas, is now facing a felony “lynching” charge? How can we get these stories heard? How can we show that the LAPD aren’t the “model” their propagandists are claiming they are?

As Ferguson seemingly showed, do we need to start a riot?

Police are claiming Ceebo’s protest video is a threat to the LAPD

LOS ANGELES – In the wake of the officer involved shooting on 65th and Broadway, where Ezell Ford, 25, was shot and killed by two LAPD Officers out of the Newton Division as he was walking down the street, community protests have be energetic and forceful for several days after the shooting.

National media attention has all eyes on Ferguson, Missouri where police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed teenager Michael Brown on August 9, first firing on him while he was inside his patrol vehicle, then shooting him several more times after he exited.

Two days later, LAPD officers jumped out on Ford, a mentally challenged young man, to make a pedestrian stop for reasons unknown that quickly turned into a physical altercation. According to one witness who is featured in the beginning of Ceebo’s rap video, the two officers jumped out their vehicle and immediately engaged Ford in a physical confrontation that rapidly escalated to both officers shooting Ford three times, killing him.

While Ford was walking, he was holding his pants up by using both hands in front him. The LAPD officers where driving in the same direction as Ford was walking but on the opposite side to the street. The officers were coming up from the rear and could not see that Ford’s two hands where being used to hold his pants while he was walking. According to the LAPD, Ford “made suspicious movements,” including attempting to conceal his hands. From witness accounts that was the way Ford was walking.

Because Ford suffers from mental illness, he did not verbally respond to the officers and they proceeded to jump out on him. According to the family and witnesses, the LAPD officers that patrol this community know about Ford’s mental illness. According to the LAPD, Ford attempted to grab one of the officers, then ended up on the ground, and attempted to reach for the officer’s gun. This version greatly contradicts witness accounts that stated Ford was immediately tackled. A witness also stated that Ford had an incident the day before with an officer where he laughed when one of the officers accidentally dropped the magazine of his gun. The officer responded to Ford with a threat and he was killed the next day.

above, from


The Prison State of America

Prisons employ and exploit the ideal worker. Prisoners do not receive benefits or pensions. They are not paid overtime. They are forbidden to organize and strike. They must show up on time. They are not paid for sick days or granted vacations. They cannot formally complain about working conditions or safety hazards. If they are disobedient, or attempt to protest their pitiful wages, they lose their jobs and can be sent to isolation cells. The roughly 1 million prisoners who work for corporations and government industries in the American prison system are models for what the corporate state expects us all to become. And corporations have no intention of permitting prison reforms that would reduce the size of their bonded workforce. In fact, they are seeking to replicate these conditions throughout the society.

States, in the name of austerity, have stopped providing prisoners with essential items including shoes, extra blankets and even toilet paper, while starting to charge them for electricity and room and board. Most prisoners and the families that struggle to support them are chronically short of money. Prisons are company towns. Scrip, rather than money, was once paid to coal miners, and it could be used only at the company store. Prisoners are in a similar condition. When they go broke—and being broke is a frequent occurrence in prison—prisoners must take out prison loans to pay for medications, legal and medical fees and basic commissary items such as soap and deodorant. Debt peonage inside prison is as prevalent as it is outside prison.

there’s more to this article, from truthdig

Protesters faced off with officers in front of LAPD’s Newton Division in South Los Angeles on Aug. 15, 2014, over the killing of Ezell Ford. (Credit: KTLA)

Declassified memo reveals Mexican police worked for Zetas in town infamous for migrant murders and mass graves

EZLN: in this war the enemy is all of us and everything.

The era in which capital needed peace and social stability is over.

And in the new hierarchy within capital, speculation reigns and commands, and its world is made of corruption, impunity, and crime.

As it turns out, the nightmare in Ayotzinapa is not a local, state, or national problem. It’s a global one.

And it turns out that it is not only against young people, nor only against men. It is a war of many wars: a war on the other, a war against indigenous peoples, a war on youth, a war against those who with their labor make the world go round, a war on women.

Because it seems that femicide is such old news, so everyday and ubiquitous in all ideologies, that it now goes down as “natural death” in the records.

Because it is a war that every few minutes takes on a name in whatever calendar and geography: Erika Kassandra Bravo Caro: young woman, worker, Mexican, 19 years old, tortured, killed, and flayed in the “pacified” (according to civil, military, and media authorities) Mexican state of Michoacán. “A crime of passion,” they will say, just like those who say “collateral victims,” or “a local problem in the municipality of the provincial Mexican state of… (enter the name of any state in the federation),” or “it’s an isolated event, we must move on.”

It turns out that Aytozinapa and Erika are not the exception, but rather the reaffirmation of the rule of capitalist war: destroy the enemy.

Because in this war the enemy is all of us and everything.

And this is a war against everything, every thing everywhere.

Because as it turns out, this is what it’s about, what it has always been about: a war, which is now a war against humanity.

Translated by El Kilombo Intergaláctico

and with much, much Much more to read, from dorsett chiapas solidarity,

On Ayotzinapa, the Festival, and Hysteria as Analysis

Protesters blocked the three accesses to the area with shopping carts taken from the nearby Soriana store, insisting that no one would enter or leave until the missing students were found. However, by about 6:00pm the protest was over. Protesting teachers went on to damage the municipal headquarters with explosive devices, burning some of the archives in the Civil Registry and an office. http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/protesters-attack-state-buildings/

The family members and compañeros of the murdered and disappeared of Ayotzinapa, like the tens of thousands of murdered and disappeared, do not ask for charity or pity; they demand truth and justice.

We, Zapatistas of the EZLN, believe that it is so important that the voices of the family members and compañeros of the murdered and disappeared of Ayotzinapa retake their place that we have decided the following:

1. To cede our place at the First World Festival of Resistance and Rebellion against Capitalism to the family members and compañeros of the Ayotzinapa students who were murdered and disappeared. We think that in their voices and ears there will be generous echoes for all of those who, present or not, participate in the festival.

2. That is why we are asking the compañeras and compañeros of the National Indigenous Congress in the distinct locales, the Joint Commission of the CNI-Sixth for the Cultural Festival, and those who would have been offering transportation, lodging, food, security, and health support to our delegation, to dedicate and orient their efforts toward the families and compañeros of the Ayotzinapa students who we all miss today. We ask that you attend to them, listen to them, and talk to them as if they were whichever of the 20 Zapatistas, 10 women and 10 men, who would have formed our delegation.

3. This is why we respectfully ask the family members and compañeros of those absent from Ayotzinapa to accept our invitation and name, from among yourselves, a delegation of 20 people, 10 women and 10 men, and participate as honored invitees in the World Festival of Resistance and Rebellion against Capitalism to be celebrated from December 21, 2014, through January 3, 2015. It was very important for us, as Zapatistas, to listen to you directly. We think it will be very good for all of those who attend the festival to have this same honor. And we also believe that all of you will gain much from meeting other sister resistances and rebellions from Mexico and around the world. You will see then how great and extensive this “you are not alone” really is.

4. The EZLN will participate in the Festival. Our attentive and respectful ear will be there as one more among all of our compas of the Sixth. Not on stage or in special places. We will be like shadows, alongside everyone else, among everyone else, behind everyone else.

5. Our word for the exchange is already on video. We have indicated to “The Odd Ones Out Compas” [Los Tercios Compas] that they should get it to the various Festival locales and to the free, alternative, and independent, autonomous, or whatever you call them media who belong to the Sixth so that they can air it, if they see fit, according to their own times and methods.

6. On December 31, 2014 and the first day of the year 2015, it will be an honor for us to receive as honored guests, in the Oventic caracol, the women and men who, with their pain and rage, have raised across the planet the flag of dignity that we below and to the left are.

7. And not only that, we also want to use this space to invite everyone from the National and International Sixth, masked or not, to participate in this great exchange, to share their stories and listen to Others.

as a personal aside, before i read the article from dorsett chiapas solidarity, i tweeted this:

the american oligarchs have a dilemna – how to end protests without having to tear-gas 2nd graders…http://t.co/lszMsskjsO

american oligarchy in a quandry as to how to appease voters while “dealing with” troublemakers…

…but also has an entire generation of sadistic, raping, murdering young men who think doing so is their GOD-given right.

…and if there’s one lesson to learn from the nationwide protests: bad times aren’t coming – it’s now!

and from even earlier today;

death to the political system. it’s that or the human race. your choice where you stand.


the people of guerrero surround an army barracks, refuse to allow soldiers to leave

AYUTLA, Gro. December 17, 2014.-

Masters of the Costa Chica region attached to the National Union of Education Workers (SNTE) and members of the Coordinating Estatala of Education Workers of Guerrero (CETEG) retract the Mexican Army, who remain blockaded in their barracks at Cruise Ayutla de Las Cruces, in Tecoanapa.

Given the failure of the governor of Guerrero, Rogelio Ortega, who had pledged to withdraw military checkpoints in the area of Costa Chica, after last December 5, they surrounded the base and dissident teachers in the municipality of Ayutla did not allow soldiers to leave.

The people of Costa Chica not want the Army because they say it is in collusion with organized crime.

or more photos and info, see

ayu2-webfor more, en espanol

Habitantes de Ayutla, Guerrero, exigen al ejército que se retire del municipio

autodefensas tells mexican narcostate they are not needed, keep out!

after appearing in 2013, the autodefensas negotiated a treaty with the federal government, and for the most part were disbanded. it was a treaty negotiated under duress, with a mobilization and occupation by the military.

Mexico tries to disarm vigilantes in drug war

nice article from CNN, with slideshow

A city employee watches from a doorway as Mexican soldiers guard Apatzingan City Hall on January. 14. Mexican soldiers and federal police have faced tense standoffs with vigilantes after the government campaign to stop violence turned deadly.

Read this article in Spanish on CNNMexico.com

(CNN) — The vigilantes came to violence-torn towns with a simple pitch: Join us and fight back before the cartel kills you.

For some in the western state of Michoacan, long a flashpoint in Mexico’s drug war, it was an offer they couldn’t refuse.

They toted guns and called themselves self-defense groups as they patrolled the streets, claiming they were forced to fight the Knights Templar cartel themselves because the state had failed to protect them.

more, from CNN

see LA Times, Mexico to bring Michoacan’s ‘self-defense’ groups into existing forces

as the photo’s caption asserts, the autodefensas had been combating the local cartels, and the mexican military intervened. AFTER the area had been fairly well secured. not that the cartels were unable to operate in the area, but they could no longer do so with impunity. there were large battles, with maybe a couple of hundred participants on each side.

yet months later, the local government and drug cartels colluded in a massacre and cover-up of student activists at a teacher’s college. the government continues to spew lies at every level and call out the state police and military because people do not believe them, and have had enough of the narcostate.

the autodefencsas have returned now with a message for the narcostate; stay away, or there’s going to be trouble.

“Alfredo Castillo is Responsible for Many Deaths” : Hippolito Mora

Spike for Borderland Beat republished from Revoluciontrespuntocero.com

(December 17, 2014)-Failure to do something in time, the Government and Alfredo Castillo Cervantes will be solely responsible because they have done nothing to stop a confrontation, denounced Hipólito Mora, Commander of the Fuerza Rurales after reporting that in Michoacan, everything was a mess and it was worse than before the uprising of the AUC in 2013.

the public face and Commander of the Fuerza Rurales, Hipólito Mora
the public face and Commander of the Fuerza Rurales, Hipólito Mora

“If you don’t respond in good time, prepare all the press, because there will be many deaths throughout Michoacan and solely responsible for that, are going to be people who are in the Government, and the fact they have done nothing to avoid a confrontation,”he said in an interview with enon December 9.

With Alfredo Castillo Cervantes trumpeting that in Michoacan everything is quiet and peaceful thanks to the security strategy that he leads, and that has been reflected in the concerts that have been made in the city of Morelia, where thousands of Michoacan have attended.

For his part, Jorge Vázquez, spokesman for the legitimate so-called (autodefensa) self-defence forces, also said that there would come a “most violent and bloodiest” armed confrontation which began on February 24, 2013.

And it is that, in recent months, inhabitants, self-defence groups and political and social characters as the Mayor of Tepalcatepec, Guillermo Valencia and father Gregorio López have reported that in Michoacan extortions, kidnappings and enforced disappearances continue, because  Alfredo Castillo Cervantes has given weapons to criminals.

After a confrontation between the people of Hipólito Mora and Luis Antonio Torres ‘El Americano “tonight, Alfredo Castillo just reported that it was a gunfight between armed civilians and federal forces undertaking actions in the area, however Hipólito Mora already told the truth.

Michoacán 3.0 that the gendarmerie had already abandoned them in the shootout.

this translation made available by borderland beat

this is from the comments:

Thanks to you spike and Valor for keeping us up to date on the conflict in Michoacan. As I posted on another thread…. what a cluster fuck EPN (leader of mexican narcostate – rlr) has created and thrown the Michoacan people to the curb. The story of his Michoacan takeover and clear collusion with cartel groups should be getting international attention. I don’t understand why it is not. Unlike the Ayotzinapa tragedy…. he is directly responsible for the crisis in Michoacan. Maybe they are plotting for the FRs to destroy the ADs… maybe that’s what this is all about, especially since 383 ADs are imprisoned on false charges.

in mexico city, the locals show support for autodefencias in michoacan.
in mexico city, the locals show support for autodefensas in michoacan.

Fotos: Autodefensas, narcos y fuerzas federales en Michoacán

Autodefensas take action as Michoacán descends into massive chaos

 Translated by Spike151 written by Záyin Dáleth Villavicencio for Michoacan 3.0

A little more than six months after the creation of the Fuerza Rurales, this Sunday, members of this Corporation originating in Apatzingan, Uruapan and Los Reyes, announced the revival of the movement of self-defense forces (Autodefensas/AD) in Michoacán.

With road blockades in Uruapan, Apatzingán, Huetamo and other locations, the inhabitants of at least five municipalities of Michoacán, announced that: “Will be taking up arms by genuine autodefensas (self-defence) groups”.

In Apatzingan, members of Fuerza Rurales Michoacán, retook their white t-shirts, burned their credentials from the Fuerza Rurales and withdrew official decals from their cars, to re-badge as “self-defence groups”.

“The Fuerza Rural (FR) from Apatzingán who burned their uniforms, saying they wanted to reactivate the AD’s, are well known to be members of Los Viagras. At this time they are fleeing because genuine AD’s are going for them…. Everything indicates that the cartel of Los Viagras has broken ties with the government (with the Commissioner Castillo), and now the state government is trying to disarm them. The response of Los Viagras was the highway blockages, but unfortunately there are also good people mixed together, as Hipolito Mora said:

“Michoacán is fucked – is worse off than before …” 

Last night Castillo met with the protesting FR/Viagras. They lifted the roadblocks. This morning Castillo said in an interview that all those who burned their uniforms (Viagras) are immediately fired from the FR.

above from borderland beat; Autodefensas…

if you didn’t know, the twitter hashtag #YaMeCanse keeps being deleted by twitter, but re-appears with a number tagged to the end. last i saw they were up to #yaMeCanse7 and were lolling that they can count very high. pretty creepy, twitter.

see also;


mexico: more police violence against normalistas, return of autodefensias, and the EZLN’s Sharing!

Autodefensasfoto: ¿Ahora quién manda? Autodefensas en el Estado de México

STATE OF EMERGENCY IN SPAIN: spanish authorities begin crackdown on anarchist social centers, protests erupt nationwide

the thing to keep in mind with this development is that these demos are illegal, taking pictures of the police is illegal, reporting on police activity is illegal – unless you only regurgitate officially-sanctioned press releases. it’s really difficult for us to know what is happening in spain right now. see previous post –

spain leaps back to dark ages, inquisition, reconquista – any form of public dissent now illegal

Operation of the High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement; #OperacionPandora by the neo fascist PP controlled High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement

So far over 400 cops, since 5 a.m., have arrested ten people in the city of Barcelona and the historic 25 yr occupied anarchist centre–La Casa de la Muntanya (The house on the mountain) the Anarchist workers centre of St Andreu barrio that of Anarchist Ateneo of Poble Sec neighbourhood – as well as a dozen homes.


It’s an operation of the High Court against the Catalan and Spanish libertarian movement,  against ”anarchist terrorists” who haven’t actually blown up or hurt anyone, but the raids justify the fascist style public order ‘gagging’ laws brought in just 2 days ago, against general opposition.


maqui ‏@maqui_tuits : “Solidarity is our weapon” #Barcelona tonight against #OperacionPandora
maqui ‏@maqui_tuits :
“Solidarity is our weapon” #Barcelona tonight against #OperacionPandora

Some of the Protest demos already taking place

B4_JDzKCIAARAl_Further Solidarity Demos, in the style called for Nikos Romanos are being planned


The arrested are well known community activists, even including a fireman, and are in no way terrorists, indeed except for some cash dispensers there has been no ”terrorist” campaign in Catalunya,  due to general agreement stemming fromn the 15M social movement and the failure of Basque insurgency. The Spanish State is armed with a huge ”anti terror” apparatus and laws, used to suppress Basque nationalism, and now tuyrned against innocent anarchists.

All the arrested have apparently been carted off to Madrid 300 miles away

SEE TWITTER  #OperacionPandora

see a much, much more detailed report, from the free, Cops arrest 11, raid anarchist Social Centres. 16 solidarity demos NOW

solidarity demo in zaragoza
solidarity demo in zaragoza

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