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the final entry to my series of columns, originally published by street roots in the early years of this century.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power” benito mussolini

Over the past 6 months, I’ve written at length about the development of a New World Order – a world-wide fascist regime with the United States government and economy as its central driving force. Imagine my surprise that in the meanwhile, things have taken a dramatic turn for the worse. I’d originally hoped to have this series of columns finished in time for the November (2000) elections, which I feared would be the last time Americans would be able to elect a president. One aspect to this cynicism is the continued use of digital voting machine that are easily hackable, and also readily programmable so as to provide a specific outcome.

The Bush family’s bloodless coup d’etat destroyed the illusion of American “democracy” forever, and proved that anyone who thinks voting can have an impact on national policies and elections is a deluded, gullible fool. Just as Reagan’s election shifted national priorities away from public well-being and national sovereignty and onto corporate supremacy, the Bush family’s theft of the White House has signaled the end of any democratic pretensions, in regards to our government.


The ruling elite is so smug and self-assured of their grip on power in this country, they don’t even have to pretend you have any choice or voice in how you will conduct your life. This is the crowning achievement of the revolution begun by Reagan. Now, not only can politicians devote their all their energies toward creating more wealth and power for the wealthiest corporations and people, but they no longer have to worry about voter backlash.

I ask you – what would happen in a foreign country (say Germany) if a ruling-class family with ties to intelligence agencies had blatantly stolen an election? There would be major civil unrest and possibly a civil war or revolution. Not here, though. No one really cares. Demopublican, Republicrat – what’s the difference?

As if to display just how much contempt he has for the voting public, Bush II named John Ashcroft to his cabinet – a man so repugnant, voters in Missouri deliberately elected a dead man to take his place in the US Senate. Yet, Ashcroft went on to become one of the most powerful men in the country. How much more obvious can things get? We have little choice in this matter, much less in the larger issues that affect our lives. Witness the two on-going conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan that are bankrupting the nation, but no candidate from either party in 2016 even hinted they should be ended.

Because of international treaties like NAFTA and GATT, our government and courts – just like any third-world country – have little authority over corporate activity.


In Mexico, people living in San Luis Potosi tried valiantly to stop the construction of a hazardous waste treatment and disposal facility that would poison the local water supply. Because of NAFTA, the Mexican courts were forced to allow the construction to proceed, and also awarded the US corporation involved 16.7 million dollars in compensation for delays and legal costs.

But that’s Mexico – something like that couldn’t happen here, could it? The state of California tried to ban a common fuel additive because it was found to have contaminated 10,000 water sources. In short, every water source tested. The Canadian corporation that produces the additive sued the state for unlawful interference with their profits. The California courts awarded the Canadians over 100 million dollars in compensation. So, not only do the people of California have to deal with a poisoned water supply and its long-term health effects, they also have to give their tax money to the corporation that created the problem. Rather than, say, provide health care for people poisoned by the contaminated water, or to develop water treatment facilities capable of cleaning up ALL of California’s water supply. And don’t think this is only California’s problem. The fuel additive in question is present everywhere there is automobile exhaust.



So, if governments only exist to safeguard corporate earnings, courts will not allow people to interfere with corporate practices, and police attack people who gather together to challenge corporate power, what can we do about protecting ourselves and our environment?

To put it bluntly, there is nothing legal we can do about this wretched situation. However, we are not powerless. After all, as previous generations of analysts and revolutionaries have explained, it is the workers and taxpayers who create all the wealth and do all the work to make this society function.

Prior to my arrest on 6/18/99, I walked into a bank, where people were lined up to deposit or cash their paychecks. I asked them if this was really what life was about – spending our lives doing wage work and having to stand in line to get their pay, only to give it right back to the banks and corporations? When one woman asked “What choice do we have?” an idea spontaneously came to me.

You know,” I responded, “that’s the problem. We’re all so busy working and taking care of our daily business, we don’t have time to think about alternatives, much less try to act to make alternatives possible.”

I believe I suggested that everyone take a month off – no work, no shopping, no economic activity of any sort – in order to make time for reflection on the state of the world and our lives. And contemplate how we could, if we should choose, redirect our energies into more rewarding and less harmful activities. How about we all take three months off from the work/consume treadmill? Or six months? Or a year? As long as we devote all our daily energy to reproduce the current conditions which are strangling the life out of us and our planet, we can only be accomplices to our own demise.

Let’s face it: there are no easy solutions or quick fixes for the mess we’ve made of the world. Nothing less than a completely new approach to the way we live from day to day is necessary just to stop inflicting more damage to our home planet and its inhabitants, much less try to clean things up.

It should be obvious to everyone now that votes plainly do not matter. Also, the police will continue to do as they are told, without thinking of the consequences of their actions. Armed uprisings will only give the most violent elements of the ruling elite an excuse to slaughter their opponents. And, the politicians and courts will gladly build and fill enough prisons to lock up all the people whose lives they have ruined by downsizing and other corporate activity, not to mention those who already dare to rise up against the plans of the New World Order. Our only hope seems to be a complete withdrawal of our consent to be ruled by corporate entities and any government agency which serves them. This would bring about some very scary consequences, to be sure, and make the future appear to be nothing but a big question mark.

Yet the alternative is to stay the course and just accept the fact that the current generation of youth will very likely witness the extinction of life as we know it.

That’s why I’ve chosen to stand up and fight against the fascist NWO. I love life. I love the earth. As several activist balladeers have said, “The earth isn’t dying – it’s being killed.”

When my time is over, I’ll feel much better knowing that I spent my life struggling against those intent on killing the earth, rather than just living my life as another paid accomplice.

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