on hiatus

well, now…

i’m feeling the urge to write more these days, but lack the inner fortitude to do so. traffic on my existing sites has plummeted to all-time lows, so i tend to spend too much time on twitter to get much writing done – my twitter account has many, many times more viewers than all my blogs combined.

the lack of traffic on wordpress is the main reason i’ve lost the resolve to write. still, there are things i really feel a need to get out into public discourse.

my anarchist ideas are not readily categorizable. i came to anarchy reluctantly – over the course of a couple of decades – after initially having much enthusiasm for anarchistic societies. the first i remember reading about was the organization of comanche peoples. but, whereas their society was tightly woven together with interdependent, tribal responsibilities and voluntary associations. the western anarchist traditions were fragmented and feuding. this kept me wanting to keep an arm’s length away from anarchists in the US until the late 1980s. some entanglements with communist and other socialist sectarian groupuscles convinced me to get away from “popular front” style activism and work exclusively with anarchists, since they most closely resembled my ideas about life, the universe, and everything.

as i wrote above, i came into the anarchist movement reluctantly – from reading about anarchist practices in ’71, till wading into it in ’89 – and i’ve taken a little bit from many of the books i’ve read from across the spectrum of anarchist theory, practice, and history. it’s clear to me that the anarchist movement has been exceedingly powerful  in creating social change on a mass level when anarchists support one another’s efforts, despite disagreements in theory or practice. (see alan antliff’s book Anarchist Modernism…)

what i’m trying to get at here is that i often feel like i’m a lone voice, and that since my ideas are not necessarily confined to one particular ideology, and since i am sometimes a few years ahead of the curve on some of this, i often take a lot of abuse from those defending some particular anarchist sect. not to mention the occasional mis-steps i take.

the writing i’m about to undertake – you might consider this an intro – is going to ideologically isolate me from almost all the western anarchist traditions. i already live in tremendous isolation (extreme poverty), so i’m not looking forward to being subjected to the flaming comments certain to come. but…i gotta have my say…just something i do…

i’m keeping this site for my own writings, but it’s on autopilot for now. i’m going to start a fresh site for the new stuff i’ll be producing soon. i’m really sorry for the haphazardness of my existing sites, but i don’t have time to straighten them out. or maybe the motivation.

if something you were looking for has disappeared, you might could find it on the new version of my anarchist news aggregate, we are not afraid of ruins.

we are not afraid of ruins will be where i check out anarchist news from around the world, along with news of other people’s struggles for autonomy. and, sorting through the posts from the past five years, i’ve remembered that the purpose of archiving important information is because sometimes the originals disappear. this seems to be a disturbing trend, being accelerated by the popularity of touchscreen devices.

i also see much room for improvement in the rss feeds. information from the pacific island regions is scarce, for instance, as is news on people’s autonomous struggles in central, south and southeast asia. please leave links to any current news groups, indymedia, infoshops, etc. you have in the comments.

follow me on twitter, too. i can get chatty at times. drunk chatty. stoned chatty. you’ve been warned. @NotAfraidOfRuin


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