g20 summit includes representative from EU, and possibly drug cartel

inviting heads of state to country being decimated by drugwar violence

the next g20 summit – officially billed as a conference of the world’s largest economies, plus the european union – will be held in the los cabos municipality, in the lower tip of baja california, mexico – one of the g20’s members.

how can this happen? this is almost like having the summit in somalia or syria.

mexico; where from coast-to-coast, in every major city, piles of dismembered bodies, sometimes even those of police and military personnel, are only shocking due to the number of corpses – the largest count so far has been 35, in veracruz. in near durango, mass graves with more than 450 human remains were discovered a year ago, and there is currently (may 12, 2012) an on-going battle between cartels – and sometimes the police and military – with losses at iraq-like numbers.

mexico: where the sinaloa cartel has more influence in the daily activity in the capital than the authorities, because they pay better.

however, in this one, little corner of mexico, the only place of its type, peace reigns. not because the authorities are in control of the mountainous area, the tip of the southern baja peninsula. nope: this area is home to the world’s most wanted man, the head el jefe of the sinaloa cartel, Joaquin “el Chapo” Guzmán Loera, who also is listed as a billionaire by forbes magazine, as well as somewhere between the 40th to 55th most powerful man in the world.

he’s eluded capture from his mansions in the punta ballena development (an exclusive, gated community outside of cabo san lucas, on the coast) on three separate occasions since escaping from a mexican maximum-security prison in 2001. the first time was a few months after his escape, then again two years later. his most recent narrow escape was earlier this year. the day after the g20’s mini-summit in february, when the finance ministers and other “sherpas” from the member nations convened there.

so, one has to wonder why the FUCK world leaders want to gather in an area under control of a narcotrafficker? my first guess would be because they need him to bail out a few economies in europe, and maybe pump some life into the american one as well. perhaps it’s also because there is some sort of safe-haven agreement between el chapo and the governments of mexico and the u.s. they keep the violence at a certain distance from one another’s leaders, the governments allow the drug trade to continue at a certain level, and the profits are shared through bribery. everyone wins, except for the minions dying on all sides, innocent people swept up in the violence, journalists and all the people imprisoned for illicit drug use. still, think of all the money being made by arms dealers, law enforcement agencies, prison systems, courts – not to mention the drug trafficking profits.

mexico is both very impoverished and awash in drug money. so much money – particularly in a country where very little of the money form the abundance of natural resources there makes its way into the hands of the population, and instead ends up in the pockets of corrupt politicians, attorneys, police, judges, military and narcotraffickers. former mayors of tijuana and ciudad juarez have been arrested on corruption charges, but released under vague circumstances.

when bribes don’t work, assassination is used to both eliminate troublesome enemies, and to intimidate those who replace them.

just across the sea of cortez, on the mexican mailand, a war is waging as this report is being prepared, which is a sidenote in a longer, several-part series about the drug war raging in mexico and the u.s. government’s role in worsening the crisis by aligning itself with the sinaloa cartel. this is the area where the current drug war era of psychotic violence began in earnest after the killing of el chapo guzman’s son, edgar. starting from his stronghold in culiacán, el chapo pacified the area through a wave of killing that has only intensified and spread since.

in that year alone – 2008 – cartel-related violence was responsible for over 5,300 deaths in mexico. by 2012, the government blamed the cartels for over 12,000 killings.

el chapo’s old rivals, it would seem, were not eliminated, and have recently begun to re-assert themselves in the mountains of durango and sinaloa.

fighting is so intense across the sea from los cabos that a military convoy sent to quell inter-cartel warfare was ambushed and had to withdraw, after allegedly suffering heavy casualties and the loss of a helicopter. they managed to inflict some damage to the cartel’s forces as well, and captured numerous weapons and vehicles in the process – many of them decorated to resemble police and military.

so, once again the question arises – why is this one place, in all of mexico, exempt from the crazy violence of the rest of the country. the only answer that makes any sense is because el chapo wants a safe haven, and has the authorities in los cabos firmly under his control. this place is littered with swank resorts and luxury hotels, and is a favorite party spot for hollywood celebrities, among other wealthy, well-connected people who love to party it up.

how can anyone possibly think that the heads of the g20 – the wealthiest nations on earth – can have a convention there, without inviting attacks from one of many cartels in the area fully capable of engaging the mexican military in battle, unless there was an arrangement of some sort?

the day after the secretary of state of the united states flew out of the newly-expanded cabo san lucas airport (the airport and a new hilton luxury resort and convention center are being created for the summit), el chapo – once again – narrowly escaped arrest there. american spokespeople have claimed to have alerted their mexican counterparts that el chapo was at one of his homes in the gated community of punta ballena. maybe they told el chapo first, so he could clear out.

maybe the clinton team is negotiating with el chapo. according to recent statements by  former mexican president vicente fox, the u.s. has been actively negotiating el chapo’s surrender, now that several of his lieutenants are being held for trial in the u.s.

that seems unlikely. what’s more likely is that el chapo is negotiating the release of his henchmen. after all, the u.s. has been arming the sinaloa cartel since at least 2006, and possibly since 2004. the result has been a bloody conflaguration that has spread from mexico southward into central america. the rivalry between the main coalitions in the illegal drug trade (the sinaloa federation and the zetas) may be the only thing preventing this bloody mess from spilling over the northern border and into every major city in the america.

if the sinaloas go down, what will stop the zetas from consolidating their power in the u.s., where all their wealth comes from?


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