Cartel's detonation of car bomb in Ciudad Juarez less than one mile from U.S. border fans concern over spillover violence (DHS)

partying in a drugwar zone – summit security breach displayed a lack of concern

as the various presidents of american nations met in colombia earlier this spring, it would seem like only the FARC was able to display a meek “show of force,” setting off four bombs as a message to their rivals in the international arms-and-drugs trade – the u.s./sinaloa coalition. if they’d been paying more attention to the round-the-clock partying of obama’s security and u.s. military leaders in colombia (which included some of the secret service’s “lead team”), they may have been able to get rid of a pesky, insanely violent rival.

it looks like the u.s. has been wooing the sinaloa drug cartel with cash and arms, since around 2006, a key reason why cartel boss ”Chapo” Guzman of the Sinaloa Federation has been so difficult to capture or prosecute.

meanwhile, many american presidents are crying “uncle!” (“sam,” no doubt), but obama refuses to listen. the drugwar has cost 50,000 lives in mexico since president calderon swept into office on a promise to destroy the drug cartels, in 2006 – around the same time bush ll began to arm the Sinaloa Cartel. though calderon’s efforts have seen some success, the result has been continuously escalating  wars of succession every time a major player is removed from the picture.

the drugwar has also spread southward, through central america, as wealthy, well-armed, well-connected mexican cartels seek to gain more control of the distribution system from middlemen, from el salvador and panama, to guatemala and coasta rica.

let’s back the story up a bit, so we can see what was at play while the summit of the americas was held in america’s drugwar bloodbath supreme, colombia.

Where to start?

to bring this story full circle, we have to look back to the 1980′s and the Iran/Contra affair, in which it was eventually discovered that acting President Ronald Reagan’s private terrorist army – Nicaragua’s Honduran-based exiles, the Contras – were being funded (after Congress cut their legal foreign aid funds) through a program which sold arms to the Islamic Republic of Iran, then sent the money to Central America, where CIA-contracted planes would unload supplies, then load up cocaine and other illegal items for delivery to the U.S. the younger generation of bushes – including a former president – were alleged to have been pilots in this affair, flying regularly between panama, and airstrips in texas and arkansas.

it’s not the focus of this investigation to try to trace the Contra’s and Bush’s ties to Colombian drug cartels. i’m focusing instead on the war on drugs as it exists now. But – oddly enough – some of the same people involved in the “anti-communist” carnage back then are getting back into the game now.

Still, why nicaragua? why was the Reagan administration so determined to “take back” Nicaragua that they brought tons of cocaine into the U.S. and made street gangs RICH? Because the Nicaraguan people had the audacity to overthrow the Somosa Dynasty, which had provided America’s main route of illegal drug shipments through central america since the loss of cuba. During the Reagan/Bush era, brutal wars of oppression were being waged against the people of Guatemala and Honduras, and the people of El Salvador seemed to be on the verge of overthrowing their country’s ruling oligarchy. Reagan had other pet armies, too – UNITA in Angola, the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan.

what could motivate awful, bloody drug wars that only make criminal cartels rich, and are used as justification for restricting civil rights? what could be in the hearts and minds of the people responsible for prolonging these narco-conflicts?

The Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia – FARC deserves at least a mention here, as this guerilla group has been in control of large chunks of Colombia’s countryside for decades, and is rumored to have ties to cocaine exporters in and around their territories. They are alleged to have had ties to the Zeta cartel in Mexico, but are also relying on other revenue sources – such as cattle – recently, as their cartel contacts have been getting busted and sent to stand trial in Venuzuela, and the Zetas are at war with the U.S.-backed Sinaloa cartel. Also, much of the prime cocaine-producing turf is now controlled by former members of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), former allies in the war on drugs, during the Bush junta’s reign in D.C.

I’m going to go ahead and post this now, and continue work on the next part, about the u.s./sinaloa pact, which is causing insane violence – heads of police on display outside their (now) unstaffed offices, dozens of bodies dumped along roads, dozens of immigrants dumped into mass graves. how are people who live in these places, from mexico to colombia, expected to cope with their lives, witnessing this everywhere; frequently; relentlessly?

so – there they were in colombia – the secret service team in charge of security for the president, who was on his way there to attend a summit meeting of the presidents of the americas. the locals from u.s. military bases in colombia gave the “all clear,” and it was time to PARRRRRTAYYYYY!

how extraordinary, that the president’s security team is so unconcerned with his safety that they partied hard for days. in a country torn apart with drugwar violence and two revolutionary groups which control much of the countryside. and the secret service has no regard at all about doing their jobs hungover, or being otherwise wasted?

this level of comfort in a war zone is creepy, and had some lower-level cheapskate not crashed the party and tried to worm his way out of paying an escort he’d spent the night with, no one would have know about it.

so, hats off to the FARC for at least calling attention to the fact that they can carry out bombings, even with the heavy presence of american military and secret service forces. if the cartels had planned some sort of mischief for the summit of the americas, it could have been bloody hell unleashed if armed gunmen had caught the partyers with their pants down, and taken hostages. to cut the secret service and their military liasons some slack, they weren’t the only ones who dropped the ball during the summit.


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