goodbye open internet, hello mandatory surveillance technology

at the age of 36, i undertook the self-directed effort to learn html coding so that i could make the transition into the digital realm. i’ve always felt the urge to be involved in “people’s” media – community radio like kboo in portland and more specifically knon in dallas. and there’s been the occasional bursts of zine publishing.

i felt compelled to get into it because i knew it was only a matter of time before the openness of the internet was taken away from us. i knew that the main obstacle to internet access was economic – it was a little pricey for people who did not have an “entertainment” budget. but i also knew it would only be a matter of time before technological innovation removed that obstacle for most working people.

the internet was way too powerful a vehicle for widespread communication to be left in the hands of the public, and would eventually be seized and tightly controlled.

it was great while it lasted. i’d be surprised that it took so long , but if they hadn’t left it open for as long as they have, they wouldn’t have years of incriminating information against hundreds of million people who have enough access to resources that they could challenge the power of ruling institutions – government, business and banking – who’ve been running things for us for so long.

try to use it as much and as wisely as you can in the coming months, cuz it’s going bye-bye.

what could have been the development of technology to enable undreamed-of advances in education and science will soon become an omniscient – perhaps mandatory – method of oppression.

i love the web, and think it’s the greatest innovation since libraries. future generations will curse its existence for every second of their miserable, highly scrutinized lives.

see  this is how the internet as we’ve experienced it will die, on july 12, from endtimes news

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