protecting the forests of cascadia from globalization

not content to passively watch the eliot state forest expand clear-cutting of ancient forests, the youth of cascadia are rising to protect these amazing, complex ecosystems, where human cultures have thrived for centuries in an area abundant in life-giving, pure water.

with so many people across the world rising up against globalized market forces – that demand trillions of tax dollars for banksters, so that nothing is leftover to care for the sick, or even to provide people with a means to meet their family’s basic needs – such actions as forest occupations and lockdowns in the former united states of america are no longer isolated incidents, on some far away ridge in the mountians. they can now be seen in their rightful context – the worldwide attempt to wrest control of our lives and our planet from economic scams which are leading the human race towards obliteration.

just as the people gathered in tahrir square in cairo continue to believe in their own inherent ability to determine their own fate, we in cascadia must ask ourselves if we are well-served by the political power structure amassed on the east coast of this continent. few people in this country can honestly answer positively. knowing that our politic leaders will see our homes seized by the same banks who were given trillions of our tax dollars, and then destroy the benefits we formerly received from the government and make a huge noise about the need to go further into debt. and – again! – to the same banskters who crashed the economy through their hypno-economics.

let us acknowledge that the world is changing, that the current era’s institutions of power and authority are not up to the challenges brought about by their own policies and actions. and let us stand together to make cascadia a place we can rely on to provide for us, so long as we don’t fuck it up.

cascadia forest defenders blockade Elliott State Forest 

“The Oregon Department of Forestry’s 2011 Implementation Plan aims to increase clearcutting in the Elliot from 500 acre to 850 acres per year,” says Meredith Cocks of Cascadia Forest Defenders. “The clearcutting in the Elliot is the worst in the state. They would never allow cuts like this on federal forest.” … “Some of the biggest trees in the state and some of the last native forests are on the chopping block here in the Elliot. Oregonians would be horrified if they saw the wholesale massacre that happens in this public lands year after year,” says Ben Jones of Cascadia Forest Defenders.

Updates from the tree tops, coast to coast! 

Early Tuesday morning a number of activists with Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Earth First! unfolded a series of road blockades in the Elliott State Forest closing access points to timber sales along the west fork of the Millicoma River. The blockades consist of an array of Tree-sits and ground level locking devices.

The sales are all slated for clear-cut logging, and are areas of native forest that have never before seen a chain saw. They exist on steep slopes where erosion from logging threatens to further damage Salmon habitat, as well as devastate protected species including Marbled Murrelet and Northern Spotted Owl.

“For decades, activists in the northwest pushed the forest service into changing there ways for the better, and we have seen dramatic improvements in the types of projects federal agencies are working on, The Oregon Department of Forestry has taken the opposite route, showing total disregard for life, and the health of these ecosystems, this is the beginning of a long term campaign that aims to see state lands managed for sustainability, bio-diversity and the overall health of the ecosystem, we will keep the pressure on in The Elliot, and all over the state of Oregon from this point forward” –Jason Gonzales, Cascadia Forest Defenders.

“The clearcutting in the Elliot is the worst in the state. They would never allow cuts like this on federal forest.” —Meredith Cocks of Cascadia Forest Defenders.

Forest Defensers Lockdown In Oregon Dept. of Foresty Office

As a culmination of the annual Trans and Womyn’s Action
Camp, activists occupied the regional Oregon Department of Forestry office.
Three members of the camp have locked themselves together inside the
office using modified pipes. Currently the trio is refusing to leave
until the Oregon Department of Forestry revoke their support for the 2011 Elliott State Forest Management Plan.

Today is the last opportunity for citizens to comment on the plan. Activists involved in the action criticized the plan for opening up areas to logging which were previously off limits. They also criticized the plan for increasing clear cutting to boost local timber jobs while not making any decisive moves to regulate or even
monitor the large timber export industry which ships logs and jobs overseas.

Billboard banner drop opposes clear cutting and log exportation in Oregon 

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