anarchy and chaos

on june 18th, 1999, i was arrested in eugene, oregon, during a reclaim the streets festival (the carnival against capital).  here are some of the remnants of my original site, Anarchy and Chaos from


 whoo-hooo! there’s the old banner! (doesn’t display right anymore – danged old HTML!)

the people’s informative had this to say about me

 Rob los Ricos is an anarchist theorist and activist sentenced to seven years in prison for an incident at a Reclaim the Streets protest in Eugene, Oregon on June 18, 1999. Many have argued that his sentence was excessive and was intended to intimidate other protesters.

…participated in the “International Day of Action Against Global Capitalism”, a Reclaim the Streets action in Eugene. On September 3, 1999, he was convicted of assault and riot, based on the charge that he threw a rock at a police officer. His plea of self-defense was rejected. He was sentenced to seven years in prison. While there were protests in more than 140 cities around the world that day against the G-8 summit being held in Cologne, Germany, he is said to have received the longest sentence of any participant. That protest was said to be an important precursor to the 1999 protests against the World Trade Organization in Seattle, Washington.

During his imprisonment at the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem, Oregon, he has tangled with prison authorities, who charge that he is involved with the Earth Liberation Front. A long time author and political organizer in cities throughout the United States, he is also notable as one of few publicly acknowledged people of color imprisoned for his activities in the high-profile 1990′s Pacific Northwest anti-globalization movement. His case, actions and writings have also been important in the movement’s discussions of non-violence and prisoner support.

Rob is the author of a zine entitled Manufacturing Dissent and co-author, with fellow prisoner Jeff Luers, of Heartcheck. 

and here is another cache of my writings, at the anarchist library.

i’ve always wanted a media empire! done some radio work, published zines. it would be fun to put up some audio posts.

okay – i give up for the night, and will update this until i feel it is as done as i care to make it.

best of luck to all of you out there, especially everyone who worships sky-gods and think they go to some paradise when they die.  may you find your paradise. soon. shoo – go on, off to paradise with all ya’ll. this place WAS paradise…till ya’ll came along.

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