Class War in Rio. Huge Police and Army raid kills kids

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Armed State Uniforms Wage Open War On Brazil’s Poor: Largest Favela Occupied, 2 Kids Killed, 37 Arrested En Mass

 Americas, Brazil


Two kids, 13 and 16 of age, were killed when special troops of Military Police in Brazil (BOPE), ahead of the Army, invaded the largest favela in Rio de Janeiro on  tanks and helicopters, at 5:30, on March 30th.

37 kids were arrested en mass and held at gun point, when they protested the killing of their friends, throwing rocks at tanks and the armed police. It’s a newescalation of military violenceagainst civilian population in Brazil.

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Why the CIA Wants You to Be a Pacifist

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Smash PacifismBy Wes Freeman, Cop Block, April 12, 2014

Psychological Operations (PSYOP) or (as it has been known since 2010) Military Information Support Operations (MISO) are CIA operations geared towards conveying selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals – both inside and outside the United States.

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The open wounds of the Amazon. Credit:Rolly Valdivia/IPS

indigenous elders and forest defense activists face increasing violence from corportations and police

By Michelle Tullo Inter Press (IPS)

Indigenous leaders are warning of increased violence in the fight to save their dwindling forests and ecosystems from extractive companies.

Indigenous representatives and environmental activists from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas met over the weekend here to commemorate those leading community fights against extractive industries. The conference, called Chico Vive, honoured Chico Mendes, a Brazilian rubber-tapper killed in 1988 for fighting to save the Amazon.

The gathering also recognised leaders who are continuing that legacy today.

“His struggle, to which he gave his life, did not end with his death – on the contrary,” John Knox, the United Nations independent expert on human rights and the environment, said at the conference. “But it continues to claim the lives of others who fight for human rights and environmental protection.”

A 2012 report by Global Witness, a watchdog and activist group, estimates that over 711 people – activists, journalists and community members – had been killed defending their land-based rights over the previous decade.

Those gathered at this weekend’s conference discussed not only those have been killed, injured or jailed. They also shared some success stories.

“In 2002, there was an Argentinean oil company trying to drill in our area. Some of our people opposed this, and they were thrown in jail,” Franco Viteri, president of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of the Ecuadorian Amazon, told IPS.

“However, we fought their imprisonment and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled in our favour. Thus, our town was able to reclaim the land and keep the oil company out.”

Motivated by oil exploration-related devastation in the north, Ecuadorian communities in the south are continuing to fight to defend their territory. Viteri says some communities have now been successful in doing so for a quarter-century.

But he cautions that this fight is not over, particularly as the Ecuadorian government flip-flops on its own policy stance.

“The discourse of [President Rafael] Correa is very environmentalist, but in a practical way it is totally false,” he says. “The government is taking the oil because they receive money from China, which needs oil.”

China has significantly increased its focus on Latin America in recent years. According to a briefing paper by Amazon Watch, a nonprofit that works to protect the rainforest and rights of its indigenous inhabitants, “in 2013 China bought nearly 90% of Ecuador’s oil and provided an estimated 61% of its external financing.”

- there’s much more, from revolution news,

Indigenous Leaders Targeted in Battle to Protect Forests

The open wounds of the Amazon. Credit:Rolly Valdivia/IPS
The open wounds of the Amazon. Credit:Rolly Valdivia/IPS

conflict between police and anti-austerity protesters in rome

People in the city of Rome, Italy, protest the government’s austerity measures, took to the streets, the action turned into a clash with police., who intervened with much violence.

In the capital Rome, thousands of people affected by austerity measures, unemployment rates, and construction projects in the city protested.



The city center was uneventful until the protesters began throwing objects at police, including  flares and fireworks. Demonstrators used bottles, eggs, and fireworks against police.  this provoked attacks by the police.


While firing tear gas at the crowd, the police attacked and arrested many people. several protesters were severely injured by police as well.

- report and photos from Social War

here’s a video from

Clashes in Rome April 12: the guerrilla minute by minute

The 20 minutes of guerrilla warfare that rocked the area between Via Veneto and Piazza Barberini. Protesters and police have been in contact under the Ministry of Economy. Before a packed launch of vegetables, then stones, firecrackers and paper bombs. The police firing tear gas and advanced, chasing protesters to via Triton.



the physicists are wrong – again! the electric universe is remaking our view of reality!

yet again, physicists who apply electric universe principles to cosmic phenomena and objects show that currently held precepts about reality are completely wrong.

here’s an introduction to the electric universe:

David Talbott: Exposing the Myths of “Settled Science”

this is so important! we’ve known for ages that the education system was flawed, and what does a flawed system produce? flawed thinking!

if mainstream physicists have the very nature of reality wrong, that means that when they look at the world, they do not understand what they are seeing!

Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: On the Validity of Kirchhoff’s Law

THIS ONE WILL BE OF GREATEST INTEREST TO THEORETICAL PHYSICISTS. Please help out by directing the attention of physicists to this video.

Kirchhoff’s law of thermal emission (formulated in 1860) is presented and demonstrated to be invalid. This law is crucial to our understanding of radiation within arbitrary cavities.

Kirchhoff’s law rests at the heart of condensed matter physics and astrophysics. Its collapse can be directly associated with 1) the loss of universality in Planck’s law (Planck’s constant and Boltzmann’s constant are no longer universal in nature), 2) the collapse of the gaseous Sun as described in Standard Solar Models, and 3) the inability of the Big Bang to act as the source of the microwave background.

Pierre-Marie Robitaille, PhD is a Professor of Radiology at The Ohio State University, with a joint appointment in Chemical Physics. He initially trained as a spectroscopist and has wide ranging knowledge of instrumentation in the radio and microwave bands. A recognized expert in image acquisition and analysis, Professor Robitaille was responsible for doubling the world record in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in 1998. In 2000, he turned his attention to thermodynamics and astrophysics, demonstrating that the universality advanced in Kirchhoff’s Law of Thermal Emission is invalid. He has published extensively on the microwave background, highlighting that this signal arises from water on the Earth and has no relationship to cosmology and has recently published a paper on the Liquid Metallic Hydrogen Solar Model (LMHSM).

see more about the electric universe:



lakota people ask for support to block keystone xl pipeline

Lakota and allies asking for gear to supply frontline fight against the Keystone XL. The Lakota have sworn to not let the pipeline through their lands, but need your help.

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